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Raymond Phang of Raymond Phang Photography is recognised as the award winning wedding photographer, best bridal wedding photography, wedding photographer and videographer, specializing in Actual Day Wedding and Wedding photographer & Funny Wedding photoshoot. Engage Raymond and bear witness to his brilliant , sense of humour, and creative mind as he executes concepts and captures unique photos of people during their most candid and interesting moments on theirspecial day.
Having won multiple local and international photography awards, Raymond brings his personal touch to your wedding photoshoots by suggesting mind blowing, heart-felt poses so that every single frame leaves a lasting memory for all.
Hiring Raymond for your wedding photography or videography gets you more than just a photographer. With his eye for details and a flair for capturing candid moments, you get a commitment to stunning photos; special moments captured with a lifetime of memories.
While weddings are Raymond’s forte, this international multi award winning creative photographer is no slouch either where it concerns other types of shoots; having been commissioned for advertorial campaigns under automobile brands, architecture & food companies.
Photos and videos are Raymond’s constant passion and he is always exploring new & unique ways to make every shoot incredible and momentous for his clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Photography Services
We know you have a lot of questions about our services. Below we made an extensive list of questions that have been asked us over the years. Alternatively, you can download our questionnaire here.
List of questions and answers
Dear Couples!

We understand that this is your first time getting married, so you would have a lot of questions running through your mind every now and then. You need a helping hand. The most common place where you can find your answers would be Google (who is my best friend, other than Siri), wedding forums, wedding magazines, and also friends who have already gone through the entire wedding prep process. We have in fact received a loooooong list of questions enough to reach Santa Claus Village from Singapore, but here’s a consolidated list of the more commonly asked questions and our answers on best wedding photographer.

If you cannot find your question or answer listed here for award winning photographer, feel free to check with my best friend Google, or send us an email to [email protected]. If it’s tedious to read through, it’s even more tedious for us to think through, filter through, and type out the Q&A from couples looking for best wedding photographer singapore . We thought this list of information will be very helpful to you. Who knows after reading this, you might realize “hey, I didn’t even think of all those aspects!”

Of course we will try to update this list of Q&A as often as we can with new commonly or even uncommonly asked questions.

To cut to the chase, grab a tub of yummy Oreo ice-cream and read on! 😀

With truckloads of love and warmest regards,
Angeline the Sai Gang Warrior
Raymond Phang Photography
Mobile: +65 8138 3397 [call/whatsapp/sms]

01. Can we drop by your best wedding photographer singapore office on the same day later at about 3pm?
Woah, love your enthusiasm and we love to meet couples looking for best wedding photographer singapore in the afternoon but unfortunately visits are strictly by appointment only basis. We wouldn’t want you to make a wasted trip down sometimes as we might all be out for best wedding photoshoots.

02. What time is your first and last appointment for wedding photoshoots ?
First appointment of wedding photoshoots usually starts at 10am, with the last appointment at 7pm from Mondays to Friday. Slots on weekends are extremely popular, hence do schedule at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointments. We do meet ups with only one couple at a time hence the one-to-one session is extremely exclusive. Also note that the time slots offered within the day are also open to other couples looking to schedule a meet up with us for the same day. Hence slots available are on a first come first served basis.

03. Where are you guys located?
We are conveniently located at Beach Road.

04. Can we meet somewhere outside for bridal wedding photography ?
Sorry, but all meet ups have to be done in our office. We have canvases and frames of various sizes with our works displayed here, we have bridal wedding photography albums in different types and sizes here as well. Best of all, we have a kickass 46” Samsung LED TV to showcase our most recent portfolios. We can’t bring all these out for meet ups. It would be extremely inconvenient and frustrating especially if we have to lug all these heavy stuff while looking for a seat at the Starbucks Café. Not forgetting the loud music, the chattering of noises, screaming babies and kids running around etc. We might have to bring along a loud hailer just to get our point across. Many years ago we have done meet ups outside and the experience wasn’t really good, so no, meet ups will have to be done in our best wedding photographer singapore office. (:

05. I love your works! How do we proceed with the confirmation of best pre wedding photographers?
Gee, thanks! Wait till your big day, I bet you’ll have a change of heart and love your very own set of wedding photos even more! Haha!

For confirmation we’ll need some details from you to do up the invoice first. Confirmation is only guaranteed when we have received the 50% retainer fee and also the endorsed copy of the paperwork.

Kindly note that confirmation is on a first come first served basis and we do not accept tentative booking best pre wedding photoshoots.

06. What are the modes of payment for wedding photography?
Currently you can choose to make payment in cash, cheque or bank transfer for wedding photography. Sorry, although we are chocoholics we do not take chocolate coins as monetary payment. :p

07. Can we split the number of hours in the wedding photography package into two sessions in a single day?
Yup! Feel free to split the hours, as long as each session utilizes a minimum of 3 consecutive hours of wedding photography booking.

08. I will need some coverage for the bride getting ready in the morning, I don’t need coverage for gatecrashing, but I’ll need the tea ceremony to please the folks. So in between during those times when I don’t need coverage, is it counted towards the bridal wedding photography package hour?

Are you kidding me honey? Gatecrashings are so fun to wedding photographs!! The faces of extreme agony, the larger than life mouth of your sisters when they’re laughing at the brothers! Those best wedding photos are good stuff to use for bribery when you need anything from your bridal entourage next time. You will thank Raymond Phang Photography singapore for that. :p

But anyway, yes, those will be counted towards the package hours. Only a period of no activity for at least 3 consecutive hours will NOT be counted towards the wedding photography package hour.

09. The distance between me and my partner’s house are really far, about one hour travelling journey time. So thru and fro we will spend at least 2 hours travelling. Since the your best wedding photographer got nothing to shoot, so does it mean that the travelling time is not counted towards the service hour?
Refer to second part of the answer from Question 08.

And who says there’s nothing to shoot? Haven’t you seen Raymond Phang’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion? Wait till you experience it for yourself, it’ll keep your heart pounding throughout the best wedding photoshoots process. Heh heh heh.

I mean, you guys spent good money to rent the car, and you’ll probably be renting the car for this one- time only event, surely you would like to have some memories of it too?

10. Is the break time in between the day (after end of tea ceremony and start of evening celebration) counted as service hour towards the wedding photoshoot package?
Refer to second part of the answer to Question 08.

11. Ok, so we decided that we only need 6 hours for the best videographer for wedding but the package provides up to 8 hours of coverage, so can we use the extra 2 leftover hours for the best wedding photography instead? So we’ll have 6 hours of video coverage and 10 hours of photo coverage at the same rate of the 8 hours photo
+ video combo package?
*wags finger*
Nonono, you can’t do that.

First of all, a combo package is a combo package. You cannot ask for an extra patty for your burger by downsizing the medium French Fries to a small pack one, at the same price right? The wedding Photography + wedding Videography combo package is a darn blardi good deal which has already saved you quite a substantial amount of money. We had to sit down for hours and sacrificed a few buckets of saliva to convince our best Videography partner to agree to the ridiculous offer package. You should be thinking of ways to thank us instead. :p

12. Hey I just saw that you’re having a promo! I know we signed your best wedding photography package a year ago and the promo is for new sign ups only, but can we enjoy the perks too?
*shakes head* We can’t have every couple coming to us asking for the same thing, right? Try emailing Hermes and ask them for the same thing – Hey I just saw that you’re having a best wedding photography promo (although I don’t think they have any or much promo in the first place)! I bought a belt from your store a year ago, but can you give me the same discount off my purchase?

Ok, maybe a better example, you purchase a Groupon deal off the web for a Spa Package. You paid the money, made the booking. Few months later, you see the same Groupon deal for the same Spa Package, but at a much cheaper rate. Try asking the merchant for the same perks and see what they say. 😉

13. Sorry, we just returned from our holiday and sort of overspent. Can you please waive off the charges for the additional hour wedding photoshoots?
Do we look like unreasonable people? Of course not we don’t waive off the charges for the additional hour wedding photoshoots. But how come that sounded like quite an unreasonable request? Hmm… Now who’s gonna pay us for the extra hour that we slogged for on your wedding day, and the following number of extra times we had to work on the editing. The work is already done, so please be fair to us as well okie? We don’t ask for much, just the holiday like you were able to. We don’t need the bit on the overspending part. :p

14. How do I allocate the timing for best wedding photography? Seems like 8 hours is not enough for my long day.
It’s up to you how to allocate the timing, really. You can split the hours into two sessions as long as each session fulfils a minimum 3 consecutive hours of wedding photography booking, and the break time in between is at least 3 consecutive hours as well. Oh, and feel free to extend the best wedding photographer’s service if required. Because once the day is booked, the entire day is blocked off specially for you. Your big day is our top priority and you have our 101% attention! (:

15. Is there any service charge or taxes in your bridal wedding photography package?
For wedding photoshootand wedding videography, Not at the moment. Unless you consider “thank you” as one, then yes, we welcome gratitude or appreciation anytime. (:

16. How many photos will be returned to us from the wedding photography?
Honestly we don’t know. There is no fixed number because we don’t limit the number of shots we fire, and we don’t limit the number of wedding photography photos returned. Also the ongoing activities, the spontaneity of the bridal party and wedding guests etc varies from wedding to wedding.

Whatever that our best wedding photographers shot will go through a filtering stage, or what we call the QC stage to delete the closed eyes, repetitive shots. We will then look through the balance photos and have them individually edited with tender loving care. These edited photos will all be returned to you.

So this number can range anywhere from 150 (for simple Solemnisation ceremony) to 800.

17. My parents and relatives are haunting us for our best wedding photos, can we bring our own hardisk over to download the raw unedited files while you take your time to edit? We can edit some on our side or just show them the unedited files to shut them up for a while.

Nope, we do not return RAW files. Never. It’s like you have ordered a dish of Beef Bourguignon from a Master Chef at a fancy restaurant. He has prepared all the finest ingredients painstakingly and finally put them into the pot, and started to have them simmer. Then you tell him it’s okay Chef, I will bring a container, you just have to empty whatever you have in your pot so that I can bring back home for my folks to taste, or if it makes you feel better, I can bring them back home to simmer on my own.

But you don’t understand that when your folks taste the dish, and you tell them you got it from this fancy restaurant by this Master Chef, they will puke and jeer at the restaurant and the Master Chef himself. Because sometimes things are not as simple as it seems. A product is crafted from a vision – from the photographing process, down to the culling and editing process. The final product is then a
representation of the artist’s work. Not something that is half done. Even though you may have all the necessary ingredients already prepared by the Chef, you might need a specially designed pot, a certain degree of fire temperature, and even the timing is crucial in order for it to become a make or break dish.

So to our dear couples, since you have already spent good money to engage a professional wedding photographer, just let the professional do their work. And if it is not too much to ask, do try to share with your parents that we are not shooting in film where we can have the negatives developed real quick and give them their photos. We are also not shooting in JPEG where we can straight away burn the files for you. We shoot in RAW, where every single photo have to be looked through and individually edited. This is a really tedious process, but something we must do to ensure quality of every photo output we produce and deliver. (:

18. Erhm… Can you please waive off the before 7am morning surcharge for us on bridal wedding photography?
We are creative and flexible when it comes to best wedding photography, but in terms of the business aspect we have to maintain a strict company policy. Which is why our best bridal wedding photographers only put their hearts in Photography and leave the administrative work to the Sai Gang Warrior.

We do have couples getting us to start at 6.45am but we went ahead with the morning surcharge. It’s not an issue about only 15 minutes because our best wedding photographers will usually arrive earlier than stipulated time. Unfortunately taxi drivers will not waive their surcharge for us regardless of whether it’s just 5 minutes or 15 minutes away.

19. We are holding a wedding luncheon and we need the same day edit of our best wedding photos (express highlight). Is it possible?
Sorry dearies, we will need at least a minimum of 6 to 7 consecutive and undisturbed hours to work on the wedding photos editing. Hence for a luncheon where timing is especially tight, it is impossible for us to produce the same day video edit or express video highlight in time for your wedding luncheon. Same goes for Photo Montage where we will require a minimum of 5 to 6 consecutive hours.

20. Ok so we have allocated a minimum of 6 – 7 hours for the best wedding videographer to work on his same day edit. Is there anything that we need to prepare?
Phew!! Good on you! Now, we’ll need a quiet room for the wedding videographer to do his work. It could be an empty function or conference room, the executive club lounge or even a helper’s room (only if nobody is using it). Hopefully the place comes with table and chair for the wedding videographer, and also powerpoint of course. Else he might have to buy a whole truck full of potatoes and wires to tap on the potatoes’ energy to power his laptop.

The our best wedding videographer will be working through the entire day without food, hence we will really appreciate for couple to arrange a simple meal and beverage especially for the videographer. They won’t have the time to eat when your banquet begins. I’m sure none of us want the videographer to get a gastric attack, faint or foam at the mouth when he’s halfway shooting you guys doing your first march in ya? Feed the
crew and they’ll appreciate you. (:

21. For the express photo montage since you guys can’t do it without the minimum 5 – 6 hours, can you pass us some best wedding photos that you have shot? We’ll just ask our friend or engage another company to do it.
Sorry but we will have to say no. It’s like going to a restaurant and asking a chef to cook a dish of chilli crab. He’s done the ingredient preparation, cleaned and washed the crab, tahan-ed the hot face sauna treatment while frying the chilli crab. The crab is halfway cooked now, and you ask the chef to pack up whatever’s in the wok cos you’ll be bringing the half cooked chilli crab maybe back home so that your
friend can cook for you. Finally the dish is cooked, your guests taste it and thought it was so-so. This so- so feedback doesn’t go to the friend who finished the other half of the cooking. This so-so feedback goes to the poor chef who deserved much better because if you let him finish the dish, it’ll taste so marvelous. So once again, it’s a no. Every aspect of our work has to be crafted from our own hands since the beginning to the end. For another example, refer to Question 17. (:

22. Sorry, I think you mentioned during the meet up that you need minimum 6 to 7 consecutive hours to do the same day edit my wedding videography (express highlight), but my friend’s wedding videographer can do it within 4 hours. Can you do it?
If we can do it within 4 hours, we would have already done that and have it written down in big bold fonts on our rate card.

Everyone has their personal shooting style, personal workflow, level of comfort and stress tolerance, down to the quality control of the output. If you insist that we follow other videographer’s style, or to compare us with them, then we rather you engage their services and not place their standards on us.

Nobody likes comparisons or be compared in such a manner. Jenny’s son scored 98 marks for the class Mathematics exam, how many marks did your daughter score? Sounds familiar?

If on the wedding day itself there is insufficient time for best wedding Videographer or best wedding Photographer to work on the editing, couple can either sacrifice certain coverage, or to engage two crews so that one can continue coverage while the other head back to work on the edit first, or we can also do a refund if we do not meet the minimum 6-7 consecutive hours requirement.

23. Do you do childhood montage? What do we need to provide you with?
Yup we do! We need your childhood photos in softcopies (JPEG) format. If you have any old printed photographs, you will need to scan them in because we don’t do scanning. Come on, take some time off to reminisce the good old memories, will be worth your time. (:

24. How many photos should we choose for the our best wedding photography album?
The standard would be 25 photos for actual day wedding photography album and 20 for pre-wedding photography album. Of course if you would like to include more of your favourite photos in the album because the photos that we capture are too awesome, you can always add on to the number of pages. (:

25. Can you help me decide what our best wedding photos to put into the album?
Ultimately the album belongs to you and Art is still subjective. Couples have their own preferences like for example maybe we might think that family portraits are precious photos which should go into the best wedding photography album, couples might think that no, and they want the whole album to be about them and their friends only. Hence it is best for couple to do the selection themselves.

26. What kind of best pre wedding photos should I choose for the album?
Refer to answer to Question 25.

27. My makeup artist did a terrible job for me, and on my best wedding photos it looks like I have a ridiculously higher eyebrow on the right side. Can you please do something about it??
Which is why we have always advised couple to engage experienced and reputable hair/makeup artists! They are the ones who make or break your day… Photoshop can do wonders, no doubt, but there’s still a limit to what can be done. We can do something to the photos that we have shot and selected for best wedding photography album or print order placed with us, but we cannot do anything to the photos that your guests have taken at your wedding, especially the impressions formed on guests who attended your wedding.

28. Can we see the colored version of the best pre wedding photography photos that are edited in Black and White?
In our invoice we have the Archival Option at a nominal fee of $100 for 3 years. If that option is not chosen, we will delete all the backups and RAW files in our server after we hand over the photos to the couple, and only keep a few selected JPEGs which we think we like. JPEGs once converted to Black and White cannot be reversed to color. Also the photos are edited according to how the best pre wedding Photographer felt for that very image when it was shot. There’s a reason why every photo is cropped and edited the way it is.

29. Can you crop the following our bridal wedding photos into the cropping that I have cropped?
Yes we can, but we will not if the cropped photo is painful to look at. If you engage a professional bridal wedding photographer, you should trust the professional’s opinion. There’s a reason why you pay good money to engage him.

30. I understand that the best wedding videography shots of the bridal car in motion is one of Raymond’s signature shot, what’s a good travel route for that?
Any route is fine, actually. As long as you have two or three lanes for the vehicles to move in, and someone to drive Raymond so that he can feel the wind through his hair (or whatever that’s left of it) and dangle his camera in the air. :p

31. I really love Raymond’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion. Which bridal car should I get for my bridal wedding videography?
We really love that couple are seeking our professional opinion as much as they can to make sure they get good pictures of bridal wedding. But always remember, the essence of the wedding is not everything about how luxurious your car is or how grand your wedding gown with the long train looks in the bridal wedding photograph. It is simply meaningless to get something just to look nice on wedding photographs. Most importantly it must be something that both you and your partner likes and is comfortable financing for. But if you guys have no preference and money is not an issue, get a space shuttle or jet plane please. Would love to shoot
that. 😀

32. Anything else that we need to prepare for our best pre wedding photoshoots ?
Nothing much, really. Embrace whatever that is to come, although there’s a saying that goes – fail to plan, plan to fail. But even with meticulous and detailed planning, sometimes, things are just beyond our control. So a piece of advice is to let go of expectations, let go of control, and enjoy your best pre wedding day.

33. What if it rains during our best pre-wedding photograpy?
rains during your best pre-wedding photography It’s a good sign! Showers of blessing raining upon you guys. LOL! Anyway, if you are worried about the weather, bring a brolly. The world doesn’t stop turning with the rain. (:

34. What time does the your best wedding photographer come and leave?
We leave this entirely up to the couple. When would you like us to start and stop coverage of your best wedding photoshoots, because it is your big day, you are the one who will be receiving the photos. You tell us. (:

As a rough guide, for couples who would like to have coverage of the bride getting ready, jiemeis prepping for gatecrashing, detailed set up shots of the gown, wedding band, wedding shoes etc, we normally start about 30 minutes after arrival of the stylist.

35. How many your best wedding photographer will be coming for the photoshoot?
If your package comes with only 1 best wedding photographer and 1 best wedding videographer, that’s definitely what you’ll be getting, unless couples engage additional wedding photographer or wedding videographer from our company.

Sometimes our best photographers will bring an assistant along (note assistant, not photographer) to help him with the equipment baggage and lighting.

36. We will be engaging your second best photographer from XXX company, is it ok?
Sure, as long as couples make known to the respective photographers of their roles so that there are no conflicts of interest. I.e. Raymond Phang will be the primary best wedding photographer, focusing on bride in the morning, and candid/artistic shots throughout the day and the secondary best wedding photographer will start off from the groom’s in the morning, handling all the conventional family portraits, group photos, tea ceremony, table shots throughout the day.

37. We would like to take some best bridal wedding photos with our bridal party in between the day after the fetching of bride. Is it ok?
Yup! Best time for outdoor best wedding photoshoot would be any time before 10am. Anytime after that and the Singapore Sun will show no mercy and just melt your make up, give you ugly shadows under your eyes, nose and chin making you look like Charlie Chaplin, and probably melt your bridal party away as well. Just indicate in the itinerary and allocate about 45 to 60 minutes for the photoshoot will do.

38. We have allocated 30 minutes on our actual day wedding to do a quick photoshoot. Can you recommend some location? What if it rains?
Unfortunately 30 minutes is not sufficient and on an actual day wedding photoshoots where timing is crucial, we don’t recommend locations which are off the travel route. You spend more time on travelling, you have less time for your best actual day wedding photoshoot. Always have a Plan B location in case of wet weather. Either prepare umbrella, or think of any indoor location.

39. I have a list of to shoot items and not to shoot items. Can we meet with your best pre wedding photographer to brief them about it?
I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’ll scare off my best wedding photographer or just kill the enthusiasm he or she initially had for your wedding. You see, the list is actually something quite intimidating. Instead of paying us to do what we are best at doing, you are stifling our creativity at the same time so we are unable to perform at our usual best for your wedding day. My best wedding photographers will be so stressed up, constantly thinking in their mind whether have they shot this item, that item, and did they remember to not shoot this as well. Their mind will be so preoccupied; they might just lose touch, lose moments, and lose everything. So if you like what you see when you previewed their portfolio, then just leave them to do their job.

40. What props should we bring for our best pre wedding photoshoot?
It’s entirely up to you. You can bring balloons, flowers, toilet bowls, plastic bags. Anything. But bear in mind the photoshoot is not a full-fledged pre-wedding / conceptualized pre-wedding session, hence it will be a pretty quick and simple best pre wedding photoshoot. Nothing elaborate.

41. I have listed down the sequence for our best wedding group photos after the church ceremony, and also for the tea ceremony. Please arrange accordingly so that you can take the shot.
Sorry honey, please pass the list to your helper/coordinator/xiong di/jiemei. We don’t do roll call, and your helper/coordinator/xiong di/jiemei is supposed to help pre-arrange them well in advance so that we do not waste time waiting around for the nest wedding photoshoot.

42. Attached is the itinerary, please follow the timings stated carefully as we do not want to incur any charges for additional hou four best bridal wedding photography.
Sure, but do note that it is extremely disruptive to the entire workflow and photographer’s concentration if he or she have to constantly check on the time and take mental note of the number of hours he/she have been photographing. The best bridal wedding photographer is going to be as busy as you and your partner, giving their 1001% dedication, hence cannot be disrupted to keep looking out for the time.
Couples will have to assign a time keeper to remind the photographer once it’s time to stop coverage. But… are you sure you don’t want any memories of that particular part of your big day? =/

43. Does the your best wedding photographer prefer to be outside or inside of the house to shoot the gatecrashing?
Definitely on the outside (if there’s only 1 best wedding photographer)! Sometimes the naughty brothers like to run behind to hide and eat snake, or sneakily spit away the gross mixture at corners where no jiemei can see. So it’ll be good for the Photographer to have enough space to move about and capture the xiong di’s movement. Sorry jiemeis, unless you have 2 best wedding photographers then the other photographer can even stroll
into the bride’s room and photograph her expression when she’s FaceTiming and enjoying the “show”. 😀

44. I prefer my right side of the face, so if you want to photograph me please take only my right side otherwise I look very ugly on my best wedding photoshhots.
Honey, refer to Question 39. (:

45. Just to inform you, we have engaged 2 other best wedding photographers and 3 other best wedding videographers. Oh and they will be bringing along their assistants as well. Any problem with that?
Oh no, no problem. Just that we might have photos of their butts, tummy, hair, faces, arms etc in the photos. Everyone is so enthusiastic about being part of your wedding and there’s only one march in aisle, so they might just get into my best wedding photographers frame and you’ll see them in most of the photos. I’m sure
you’ll never forget the dream team who made your wedding day a memorable one. You have them in your photographs! And maybe picture of our best wedding photographer in the photographs they shot too! (:

46. We are not good in our best wedding photoshoots posing and we are extremely camera shy. H-h-how?
It’s really ok, not everyone is born to be a model or good at taking selfie or naturally photogenic. And if you are camera shy, it’s even better. One piece of advice for you – ignore the best wedding Photographer. Seriously. Just ignore his presence, treat him as non existence or invisible. And you’ll have nice, natural, real and candid wedding photographs. (:

47. What camera are you using for best wedding photography?
I would always reply – iPhone. LOL!! Have you seen those gorgeous best wedding photographs captured by the iPhone? Really puts some of the DSLR photographs to shame! It’s not about the brand of camera or equipment used. What really matters is the person behind all these gears. If he or she doesn’t know the gears inside out, doesn’t have the technical skills to make a good framing/composition, doesn’t know how to control
the white balance or exposure, and most importantly doesn’t have the experience to anticipate what is to come and doesn’t have the eye to see things that us normal human beings can never see, then it’s all meaningless. Put the world’s most expensive camera in his or her hands and it doesn’t make any significant difference at all.

It’s like telling a best wedding photographer his pictures are beautiful, he must be using a fantastic camera, and telling a cook that the dinner was delicious, he must have a terrific stove.

Doesn’t make sense my friend.

But in any case if for some reason you would really like to know, we are using the Canon system for our cameras and arsenal of lenses as well as five speedlites. Sometimes we use the Leica M & S System as well depending on requirement. For professional lighting we use the Profoto, Elinchrom as well as Bowens. Yes we do have all the necessary umbrella, softboxes, grid, strip lights, reflector etc. But on an actual day wedding photoshoots where moments are literally fleeting by, we have to be quick on the ball and to be as stealth as possible. It’s a totally different ball game from shooting conceptualized pre-wedding photography where we have the luxury of time to bring the big boys out for play.

48. We’re nice people and we would love to take care of your best wedding photographers and crew, so we will be allocating seats for them at the banquet, feel free to get them to sit down and eat. Also at the end of the tea ceremony we have also catered buffet for your crew as well, please ask them to stay and have some food before they head back to the office.
FUWAH! Thank you very much!! Totally appreciate it! Unfortunately they really won’t have time to eat, and if they are eating at crucial timings where events are happening, they will miss out on
Best wedding photographing the moments! But if you insist, perhaps a meal before the cocktail reception will be good. Something easy to munch on the go. Something that doesn’t give rise to any possibility of having a diarrhea such as raw or overly spicy food. :p

49. Is your best pre wedding photographer driving on that day?
Depends on which wedding photographer you are looking at. For Raymond, yes he drives. But we’ll need someone to drive his car or have a seat allocated for him in one of the cars. Cos he need his hands free to do his signature shot of the bridal car in motion.

50. The corridor outside my house is dark and very small. I have a big entourage of groomsmen and there might not be any space for gatecrashing. How?
You can always start the game downstairs at the void deck, multi storey carpark, lift landing. Else if you insist on having it done outside your house, it would help if you could at least install some lights/table lamps since you already know it is going to be very dark.

51. Hi, I know it’s only a week after our wedding, but when can we receive the best wedding photos?
As per written in the paperwork, it takes at least a month to about four months (working days) for the softcopies to be ready. We’ll bombard your phone/email to inform you once the best wedding photos are ready.

52. Ok so when should I do the hand bouquet throwing? Do I need the hand bouquet again in the evening?
Anytime during the day will be good. We also have couples who do the bouquet tossing at the end of the banquet, it’s up to you and your entourage whether if they have time to stay on till the end.

Also it’s up to you whether to use your hand bouquet in the evening.

53. Hi, my wedding is happening in two months’ time. What do you need us to provide you for our best wedding photography?
The finalized itinerary (please be as detailed as possible to include the full addresses, the correct contact numbers), march-in sequence (if there’s special arrangement for your bridal entourage to march in first etc), any surprise segment, any first dance, any special speeches etc. Also please include the respective wedding vendors such as stylist, best wedding videographer, best wedding planner etc so that we know who we’ll be working with on the day itself.

54. Any beauty tips for me to look gorgeous in our best wedding photoshoots? My dark eye circle and puffy eyebag is so unglam! And slimming tips too? How do brides slim down?
Maybe you can check online forums or check with your make-up artist for skincare tips. Drink sufficient water daily, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and exercise regularly. That really helps in wedding day. And please avoid slimming pills. You never know what reaction it might have on your body since it’s never 100% safe.

55. Is it ok if my entourage is all girls for both bride’s and groom’s side for best wedding photoshoots?
Yeah, why not?

56. My room is really small and messy, is it ok for me to use my parent’s room for our best bridal wedding photoshoots?
We do have brides using their parent’s room so it’s ok as long as your parents are ok for your best bridal wedding photoshoots.

57. What are the things I should prepare for my best wedding day photography ? Do I need to paint my house?
Please at least tidy up the house, keep all the messy stacks of newspapers neatly, clothes scattered on bed and floor please keep them in the cupboard, if you are considering to paint the house, please carry on too. Unless you want to showcase your sexy Victoria’s Secret collection, then we don’t mind. :p

58. Is it better to start off the morning at my place for wedding photography, or would you suggest to start off at the hotel?
Either way is fine, but it would be good to seek the folks’ opinion first.

59. The auspicious timing given by my geomancer is to leave my house only after 9am, so what time should I start my make up?
Check with your hair and makeup artist how much time they’ll need, add in bout 10 minutes of buffer time. Factor in timing for gatecrashing + buffer time, factor in timing for family portrait + buffer time if you need some shots taken with the folks etc. Always work backwards and you’ll have your answer.

60. Do you have any recommendation for hair and makeup artist, best wedding videographer, bridal gown designers, customized clothes hanger, photobooth, customized boutonniere/hair accessories/floral bouquet, florists, wedding favor, venues etc?
You can read up on forums or wedding magazines where they have information on these vendors. Else you can always check with your wedding planner or check out the few wedding vendors which we have partnered with.

61. Do you have any tips or ideas for gatecrashing games?
Tips for gatecrashing – leave some saving grace for the brothers. Games can be fun and we understand it’s almost a rare chance to torture the guys like this. But do take note of hygiene, safety, and never go overboard. (:

62. Hi Angeline, we would like to invite you over for our wedding celebration as well. Please let us know if you are able to attend?
Fuwah! Thank you very much for the invitation! Unfortunately I am the Central Command Center and I need to be stationed in the office doing all the necessary backup of the files. If ever our best wedding photographers need anything, I am their 911 and with a snap of a finger I need to make necessary arrangements.
Sometimes I follow for actual day wedding shoots as well but only under rare circumstances where the date is too popular and everyone is out shooting hence nobody else is around to assist our best wedding photographers. But even so, please don’t allocate any seat for me, cos I will be busy working too. It’ll be so unglam if they caught me on camera stuffing my alligator mouth with truckloads of food. Appreciate the thought nonetheless. (:

63. Should I keep my hair long for the wedding? Seemed like there isn’t much of a choice in terms of hairstyles for people with short hair.
This is entirely up to you, really. Maybe you can consult your stylist and share with him/her some pictures of your gown and ask for advice. Interestingly almost 90% of our brides chop off their locks right after the wedding.

64. Where do we get shoes or wedding suits for guys for our best wedding photoshoots?
Wedding Magazines and Google are your best friends. Haha! If you prefer custom made suits, you can visit designers, or if you can also go to Kingsmen Tailor, or even Men’s Tradition at Peninsula. For shoes with no particular brand in mind, Tangs should be good.

65. Where to rent cars? Any exotic ones in the market? Any idea how much is it?
Google is your best friend. If you are sick of conventional wedding cars, try bicycles, horse carriages, buses and even trishaws. Would be really interesting.

66. Hey, saw the ang pow box of this particular bride on your blog, where did she get the ang pow box from? Her wedding pen is very cute too, mind helping me check where she bought it from? OMG her shoes are so pretty too! What brand is that? Do you know where she got her earrings from?
Heh heh heh heh. I didn’t know we have a wedding directory website! :p You gotta stop being so shy and start making friends with Google. Be a good girl/boy, do your own homework too like every other hardworking brides we have photographed. Your hard work will be rewarded. :p

67. Hey, any idea where can I buy umbrellas like these?
Not so much of an umbrella person, but I think the miniature parasols on cocktails are really cute in my honest opinion. :p

68. Any ballroom with high ceiling to recommend?
Depending on your budget, there’s Shangri-La, Capella, Four Seasons and so on. Do some readings online, you should be able to find your perfect ballroom. (:

69. Which hotel’s food is better?
Seriously, sometimes the food at restaurants are better than those from hotel. LOL!! But then again, do some reading up on the forums and get some opinions from actual brides. That’ll really help.

70. Any idea where to get the popcorn or candy floss machine?
You can either google it out or engage a wedding planner to help you source for all these. Wedding planner can save you a looooot of headaches (based on couples’ feedback, wedding planners are costly but you must only engage the good reputable ones, else they must just leave you hanging).

71. Should we engage a live band?
It’s entirely up to you, and depends on what type of crowd you’ll be having for your wedding, is it gonna be a big or small celebration affair? Also take note of your wedding expenditure budget as well. Live band can liven up the mood of the celebration and take in song dedication for small weddings. (:

72. Where to get black wedding gowns for our best wedding photography?
You can buy a can of black color spray to spray your white wedding gown. Or buy a can of paint to paint it black. Else you can always check with your gown designer if they have any black wedding gown. Ok don’t show me the black face. LOL!! We do have a bride all decked out in black for her best wedding photoshoots, and that gown was from Amanda Lee. But no harm checking with your favourite designers to see if they can design a bespoke wedding gown that represents you.