Oh wow weeeeeeeee~ So this conceptualised pre-wedding photograph that we took for Tze and Vernie is selected as one of the 25 best award-winning photos taken in 2014! The same image also got us 1st place in the Engagement category of the ISPWP photography competition where more than 20,000 photo entries were submitted for the competition. (:

25 Best Award-Winning Wedding Photos of 2014

We didn’t know about the news until our couples shared on our facebook and tagged us. So proud to be mentioned! But accolades/awards/mention/achievement always brings us to this point – Sometimes when you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful. Sometimes when you’re on top of the world, stay humble. Life is full of cycles, so always have a balanced mindset no matter which situation you’re in. (:

Check out the rest of the awesome images that got mentioned at the BoredPanda website here;


Some of our friends also shared that the very same photo of Tze and Vernie appeared in ABC news. Although I personally don’t quite agree with the title of the article because I feel that every wedding photos are unique to that couple, and we cannot deny the efforts put in by their very own photography crew to create that special memories for them. Everyone is different, every photographer progresses differently. I hope in the photography industry we can all encourage each other. Competition is good as long as it’s healthy and creates a healthy growing environment for everyone, and not putting one another down.

Anyways, for those who are interested in the mention in ABC news, here’s the link;


Alrighty folks, keep shining! 😀



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