Last Tuesday I was busy doing admin work, filing and scanning the mountains of receipts, and I accidentally gave myself a papercut. Maybe cos my skin was dry so it’s easier to cut. Hahahaha! Anyway, so it started bleeding and I took a picture with my iPhone and forward the MMS to Raymond Phang. He’s been out everyday at the new place with reno works and busy running around from east to west and north to south purchasing furnitures and equipment. Ben, Susu and myself don’t get to see him very often. He’s usually out and about in the wee morning before anyone comes in to work, and he’ll only be back in the next wee morning about 4/5am? And the cycle continues. We’ll share more about our recent development when everything is settled. 🙂

Papercut finger.
Ikeaturpwise070312 - 001
So once he received my MMS, bout hours later suddenly I heard someone at the door, and it’s Raymond Phang! He came back with a surprise for me, asked me close my eyes and I kept guessing what’s it. Kinda have a feeling it’ll be some caterpillar or maggots for no reason. Hahahaha! Luckily it’s not! It’s finger muppets from IKEA! 🙂

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 002

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 003
I think I must go back to my primary or kindergarten school because I don’t know what’s the name of the animal on the right. Nice “hairstyle” though. Hahaha~

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 005
And there’s the high on drugs rabbit, and cutsie elephant.

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 006
There’s also the parrot, turtle, froggie, rat, panda/dog, and a shark!

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 007
Here’s the whole entourage! All 10 of them.

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 009
The colorful parrot.

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 011
And here’s how it looks on my finger. Apparently the ring was getting loose so last night I wore it on my fatty middle finger. It fits, but abit tight. Hehe. Maybe I’ll need to gain some weight for the ring to fit on my ring finger… or have it resized and have no room for chances to grow fat… or tie a thick layer of string on one side to make up for the space. 🙂

Ikeaturpwise070312 - 012
Here’s the sharkie.
Ikeaturpwise070312 - 013
Ikeaturpwise070312 - 014
Ikeaturpwise070312 - 015
I think the froggie and rat is cute!
Ikeaturpwise070312 - 016
Saying bye bye! 🙂

With this finger muppet to protect my fingers, no more papercut! That was his idea. Hahahaha~ Yes yes, sometimes Raymond Phang can be very sweet and considerate. +5 brownie points! 🙂

Lots of Love,