Happy New Year!

First blog post of the year and it has to be the wedding of Andres and Alexandra – the happiest bride I have ever met in my entire life! Their email enquiry looking for a wedding photographer came really late. Like 15 days before the big day. No kidding. And because they’re not local and they put so much heart into writing, I thought it must be one of those spam/scam emails that we normally see in our inbox. Also noted that there’s spelling error in the email header and didn’t help that they’re not locals (Spanish couple). Fortunately I decided to reply to their email, keeping fingers crossed that they’re legit couple and the enquiry is genuine…and…ta dah! They replied our email! The rest is history, and I am thankful to have met them. They managed to organize everything for the wedding within the span of 15 days or less – venue, outfits, wedding solemnizer, photographer etc. I am impressed!

The couple got married at Lewin Terrace – a cosy intimate celebration with their closest and dearest. Believe it or not, this was our first wedding shoot at Lewin Terrace. Heard loads about the place, classic black and white colonial style building, good food, suitable for small settings celebration. Of course we have the couple to thank for trusting us to shoot their wedding, it being our first time at that venue. Actually old venue or new venue, we always feel that it doesn’t matter cos we’re not doing interior shoot. We’re there to catch the celebration! The vibes, the expressions, venue is secondary.

Although I am still waiting for our first wedding shoot at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach… Ok, not exactly first since Susu has already shot there before, but I wanna see Raymond’s take of the venue cos from photos online that place is soooooooooooooooo magical and pretty! I’m like so despo to the point of thinking to offer FREE WEDDING SHOOT for couples holding their wedding at that venue, just so that I can see what Raymond brings back from the shoot. Hahahahahahaha. Ok I’m dead serious about wanting to see Raymond’s take on JW Marriott. But I’m half serious about the free wedding shoot. Bribe me! =p

Anyways back to Andres and Alexandra’s wedding celebration. Since it’s pretty much the western style wedding hence no gatecrash like the traditional Chinese wedding celebrations, the couple opted for a quick outdoor photoshoot instead. Because they are so laughy happy, going the avant garde route wouldn’t suit them cos it’s not them. So we did something casual instead – minimal posing, more interactive, more real. Their family later also joined in for the photoshoot before we adjourn back to Lewin Terrace for the Solemnisation ceremony. Gonna spam you guys with truckloads of photos taken at the wedding, so do bear with me ya??

 Wedding Photography
Posted one photo only, be patient young padawan, just a little more.


Ah Ha! You made it!
You made it to the next one!


Raymond caught this cutesy little fella leaping around the roof.
Simon says…. FREEZE! Caught this little fella leaping around on the roof.


Lewin Terrace Wedding Celebration
Some shots of the interior.


Fine details
All the fine details.


Lewin Terrace interior
If you’re looking for a ballroom, nah this is not for you. If you’re looking for a place with no pillar, nah this is not for you too. If you’re looking for a small cosy area, YES!


Wedding photoshoot outdoor singapore
This I call it the you touch my butt I touch your butt pose. But first you need to grease your hands with organic coconut oil first so that it’s easier for em hands to slide down down down~


Wedding photoshoot singapore outdoor
I think I might have a stomachache. Hmm… I wonder where’s the nearest toilet. You know we started off with shoots like this and then decided enough is enough. We need to photograph the couple for who they are! And not who they’re not!


Wedding outdoor photoshoot in Singapore
Like if we ask them do a totally serious romantic shot, nah, failed.


Fort Canning Outdoor Photoshoot Singapore
Ask them to look serious and in the moment? Nah, failed.


Fort Cannint Wedding Creative Photoshoot
How about let’s try a dancy dancy tip you over pose? Ooookaaaay, not toooo bad.


Fort Canning wedding photoshoot
Ask them to be themselves? Yes, nailed it!


Outdoor wedding photoshoot
Be themselves again and dance like nobody’s watching? Yes, nailed it!


Singapore wedding photographer
Ok, the rest are all freeplay and I think it’s pretty well taken. We didn’t have to pose them and just let them be themselves!


Singapore wedding photography singapore bridesHaven’t you heard? If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

OH!! OKAY!!! *slaps*

I wasn’t asking for a slaaaaaap~


Ok guys, no more slapping for this one ok?


Monkey face, goofy face!



Awwww… sandwiched between the two loves of her life.





Cake! Real wedding cake! I love cakes! Bet this two tier fresh buttercream cake must have tasted delicious. <3

Hello beautiful!


Some detail shots of the solemnisation and set up.



She’s really easily tickled. When she came over to preview the photos she was literally laughing non stop! So infectious! I was in another room pumping but I could hear her laughter. Okok, I’ll let the photos do the talking!





Alexandra has such a unique tattoo on her back! I think it’s a tattoo… If it’s a birth mark then I’m gonna drop my jaw all the way to the floor.


Another superman in love shot captured! The first one that we shot was many years back ago and people thought it was photoshopped. Actually it’s as real and wet as it can get. Totally not photoshopped. Later on you’ll see. Heh heh heh~






And then she started tearing during the vow and ring exchange. Awwwww…


Hugs and kisses were absolutely free that day by the way.





This was supposed to be a normal group photo but I love that it captured the pair of love birds behind, helping to adjust the necklace.



See, superman baring his hearts out to the ladies. *Wink wink* NOT PHOTOSHOPPED OK! :p


Nah, paps already had his heart stolen long ago by the woman of his dreams. You’re not gonna steal his heart. Heh heh heh heh.



Pearls, lavish pearls~ The adults are talking about some Tiger Sugar bubble milk tea with pearls… so I must have a taste of this pearl myself. I’m recently hooked on LiHo’s C8, which is basically avocado + fresh milk from Farmhouse + Brown sugar + pearls. Darn nice coming from someone who dislikes avocado. It cost like $5.90 for a large cup and $4.90 for a medium cup. I always ask for 0% sugar.


Really love this baby, so much poise!


And then the candid shot taken during what was supposedly a normal standard group photo.

Literally a hair pulling moment.

This the forehead test pose to see if you’re sweaty and sticky enough. If em foreheads are not sticking, then nope, you’re not gonna go into the aircon room.

Now I’m gonna spam you guys with food photos!

Look at all the food! Gosh they look so good I’m hungry now! No, make that HANGRY~~~~



Another PG13 shot.


Guests were just enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, chatting, laughing. So nice!!


Everyone was enjoying themselves chit chatting, laughing, catching up on old times, and learning new things (such as the proper way to hold the chopsticks). I forgot who taught me how to hold the chopsticks. Gosh!! I need a time machine to go back and revisit that part of my memory. But sad to say even the way I hold it now is not exactly the correct way. It’s the as long as I can use it to put food in my mouth way. There are so many kids training chopsticks in the market. So cute and so fancy even I feel like getting one for myself. Kids nowadays are really so fortunate and too spoilt for choice.


That’s it, I’m gonna muster enough courage to kiss the love of mi life~ I just need 10 more drinks.

YES!! After 521258438 drinks, they did it!

Here’s a little victory chicken dance~

Damn, the couples are all on a roll!

One after another! Alcohol is really a magical drink. But drink responsibly ok.



Our ovaries explodingly adorable baby here is a gentle reminder for adults to use protection (unless you’re trying for kids then go ahead and multiply indefinitely). =p

That loving gaze of a friend


How’s the food sir? GOOD!

Cake cutting time! For such a cake, you need a long samurai sword! WATAH!!

Watch them slice it!

Proof that the cake is real – cream on knife. Dammit I really need some cake now.



Nobody should ever waste cream. It’s like a sin. So instead of wiping it away, you polish it off.



Scored! Let’s all do a happy dance!

Mass dance time! It’s always after a few drinks that we start to release all inhibitions. I’ve always loved the after party shots and seeing guests at a wedding having fun instead of burying their heads at the table looking at their phones/ipads.

Come, let’s toast!

And burn that dance floor! Look, someone even had her shoes off!

Hey beautiful, are you lost? Are you looking for the way to my heart? I can point you to Mr Right Right Right.

Hey Handsome, are you lost Two Two Two?


The merry-go-round dance move~

Dance the night away~

This set of wedding images is truly one of my favourite ones. Don’t you just love real weddings? Small intimate celebrations? Of course we’ve also photographed big weddings with a lot of mingling, candids, hugs, laughters, tears etc. These weddings are the ones we enjoyed the most. Hope to photograph more and more real weddings this year!
Cheers! (:

Holding my bladder,