Happy New Year!! For some people, the new year brings new hope. But for others, the new year is just a continuation of of the previous year. When I was screaming in delight while watching the fireworks bursting high up in the skies, I felt hopeful. Somehow the fireworks seemed to bring along with it fresh bursts of hope. Felt so encouraging and motivated for a moment. Sadly after the “show” has ended, there’s nothing left but clouds of smoke, and it smacked me back to reality. The new year is just a continuation of the previous year. Nothing’s new. What about you?  🙂


Anyway, some picture to share! Took them briefly when we went hunting on a gloomy cloudy drizzling day. But it was really fun though! 🙂


The obscene pose.


Susu’s version of superman and ultrman.


We have some Hermit Crabs over at our studio, and susu enjoys disturbing them. Guess she’s trying to be like the hermit when she puts on this very dusty and dirty cone!


I was supposed to kiss her, but did not! So embarrasing!


Supposed to do a sneak attack on Susu, but failed terribly.


… …


Fuwah! Kungfu kick! Will slowly improvise k. Straighten the left leg and kicking the right leg way above my head!



Raymond always say when people are in love, they feel happy and so they eat more than usual. Believe it or not, Raymond and I have both gained at least 15KG since we met each other. Like all couples, we have our fair share of squabbles, went through the rough patches and sweet adventures together. But at the end of the day we both know how we love and feel for each other, and I guess that’s what glues us together all these years. The 5 seconds of action to re-think of the very reason what made us love each other really helps to chase away the squabbling monsters. So we should never take today’s squabble to the next day, and I think that’s very important for all couples too! 🙂


Evidence of that extra 15kg! Yi Yor and Xiao Yi Yor said these are skin… I beg to differ! FATS!


Raymond’s turn! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

We actually don’t have a lot of time to eat, so how did the weight gain happened right? Guess cos of the very irregular meal intakes and unhealthy lifestyle? Sometimes we skip breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether cos of work, and then we make it all up by having very late night supper! We practically swallow and gobble our food like giant monsters, sometimes we were too hungry to chew properly. So… I guess that explains the major part for the weight gain. =_=”




We attempted one kissing picture the other night when I was too tired to continue with the album layout. So I took a few minutes’ time to disturb him, wondering how will our kissing pictures turned out to be like when it’s our turn to ring the wedding bell. This is how it’ll look like!! Snapped it using his phone!


Or even this! Nice right!? I also attempted to do my hair nicely, but got frustrated cos I thought it’s a waste of time, so I simply braided it from the front. Hehehe.



Okie, now, some real wedding pictures to share!! I picked a few from different weddings which I really like. Hehe. Enjoy! 🙂


I like how the balloons hide away half of their faces, adding the element of a supposedly mysterious suspense. But unexpectedly the couple actually stuck out their tongues, which I thought was really awesomely cute! See how the colors and elements adds up to create that feeling of fun and cheekiness? I think it’s pretty cute and it just brings out the couple’s personality which I find is really meaningful! Cos personally I feel that “pre-wedding” photoshoots are most of the time about posing and creating aesthetically pleasing images, but it lacks the meaning of the couple’s love and relationship. I guess different people have their own ideals and perspective. Some might prefer meaningful images, and for some, aesthetically pleasing images! Lucky for couples, there’s a mixture of professional wedding photographers around to cater to your different needs. 🙂


Can’t really explain for this one, but the backview of the couple works for me for this. Somehow I feel this image has a pretty strong feel of the couple as two distinct individuals, and I can even feel their personality from this image. Some people might have noticed a reflection of another person in the image. This was actually taken on an Actual Day Wedding, and I thought it looked pretty good! Not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing image, but good enough for me. 🙂


Again, the same couple on their actual day. I thought it looked pretty refreshing and I find the idea of this image pretty romantic too. One couple, two individuals, Two windows, One vision.  That’s the way it should be! 🙂


Aother of my favourite! I like the overall feel of this image. There’s another one with a different cropping where the vines are actually centralised which Raymond liked, but I very much prefer this one!! Just felt that everything falls into place nicely for this one, and I like the mood of them being totally absorbed into their own little world without any cares or restriction. Very fresh colours, with a soft gentle mood. I like! 🙂





Tons of other backlogs, and we’re all trying very hard to clear them as soon as we can without sacrificing on the quality. Susu has been really diligent working on the images together with us as well, so do bear with us a little longer k? Cheers!! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


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