Few days back while I was clearing the doggie’s poo (he’s actually toilet/newspaper trained), I saw an interesting write up which inspired me to do something totally insane. The idea ran through my puny little pea sized brain for some time, and whenever I thought of it, I’d giggle sheepishly to myself just thinking about the possible reactions that would come from the receiver, which in this case happens to be Raymond.


Finally I mustered whatever little courage that I had left inside of me, I composed a text message on my trusty old Blackberry, closed my eyes and pressed the Send button. Raymond happened to be sitting at the desk next to me when I sent out the text message. That wretched SMS tone took forever to come, and when it finally rang from Raymond’s mobile phone, my eyes brightened! I was suuuuuuuper excited yet kind of shy to see how he’d react after seeing my text message!


The following is the text message I sent;


The following is a recipe for a happy marriage;


                    Start with a big bowl of Trust

                         Pour in a capful of Patience

                         Add a dash of Forgiveness

                        Stir a spoonful of Kindness

                         Sprinkle a palmful of Encouragement

                         Sweeten with plenty of Couple Time

                         Spice things up with lots of Surprises

                         Top it all with a generous serving of Passion


Are you willing to cook a meal of happy marriage together with me on

20 Nov 2011 Sunday? 😀

I watched how his face turned from black to bored to puzzled to happy to delighted when he was disrupted from his photos editing to read the text message.


Yes, that was a proposal coming from ME. So did he say yes? NO!


Trust me when I tell you I almost cried when he’s reading the text message. Too happy mah! End up I got rejected. Tsk.


You must be wondering why 20 November 2011. Because…. that happens to be a Sunday, that’s next year meaning sufficient time to prepare, that’s a nice number, that’s an easy to remember date, and that also happens to be my birthday. 🙁


Anyway, that wasn’t the first time my proposal got rejected (my courage got lesser and lesser with every rejection. Sigh!). You guys do realise that Valentine’s Day falls on the first day of the Lunar New Year right? Know what I did depsite having to focus on my work and album layout? I specially took some time to bake Pineapple tarts. Not just any Tom Dick Harry’s, or Aunty Lucy’s Pineapple tarts. I baked some reaaally special pineapple tarts! And because we didn’t have a proper baking oven here at SOHO, I actually spent much longer time GRILLING them. Luckily it was quite a success!


(Don’t mind the wording on the top right, it was for my personal blog)

I made an effort to create something for Raymond – a smiley face! Which is what makes the pineapple tarts special, cos I made it with him in mind, and definitely with lots of Love!


And then, here comes the Love message. Something lovey dovey which I don’t normally do or display.


Besides the lovey dovey wordings, I attempted to make a heart shaped one as well! Not very successful, but at least I tried! I also made one shaped like our doggie’s poopoo. Kekekeke.


I hope my tarts managed to show how happy I was when I was making the pineapple tarts! I made a volcano tart (at the background), super mini tarts about the size of my little thumbnail, and I even make one shaped like a snake!


And then, here comes the point of it all…. Can you figure what’ this?


It’s actually a DIAMOND RING! I made a smiley face, I ♥ U, I also made a proposal ring!

When it’s finally done, I presented to him and did he say yes? NO!



Sigh…. after numerous times of trying, my ego kena deflated already. Not forgetting I’m quite a traditional/conservative person with the thinking of an old fogey. If you were Raymond, won’t you be pretty touched by the sweet little things that I’ve done? You would say yes right?


Sigh…. I shall leave the popping of question to Raymond instead then!! Maybe demand a 10 carat as a form of compensation for causing such trauma to my poor little soul. HUMPH!


Or perhaps if I made one pineapple tart in the shape of a camera or his favourite prime lens or his favourite car or his favourite laptop he might say yes….. Darn!! Now why didn’t I think of that!!




Okie dokie, you guys enjoy your weekend while I nurse my wounded soul ya? Cheers!!





Lots of ♥,

– Angeline