Hi guys! Raymond Phang is back from Russia, and his trip to the edge of space was super awesome!! Do join us on our Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/raymondphangphotography) if you haven’t, cos Raymond actually posted some first hand images from his trip, including images of the MiG 29 fighter jet, and image taken from the stratosphere! So awesome!! Can’t wait for him to process the rest of the images and get him to share his experiences with you guys! Really an eye opener, and somehow the trip made him smarter! I guess the zero gravity at one point of time lifted all his bad vibes in the air and when gravity resumed, it forgot to pull the bad vibes back into him. Hahahahahahaha!!

Anyway, here are some random images to share! Things we do when we are “bored”… we took an empty Belvedere Vodka bottle and tried out the effect of feeding the bottle with fire. Here’s what we got;

A video of the process….

A gif image of the process…

And a huge image taken of it!! Susu lighted the bottle while Raymond took a video, and I took behind the scene, which was pretty hilarious cos Susu attempted a few times without success even after Raymond demonstrated a few times. But eventually Susu made it, and this attempt almost burned her eyebrows off cos the flame was so strong!!
Susu finishing the Vodka. Muwahahahaha!!

And here’s a sneak peak of the image Raymond Phang took from the edge of space with his Canon 5D mark. Simply breathtaking isn’t it? 🙂

And an image to end it off, which got him a Second placing in the Master Photography Awards 2010 for Yervant Bridal category. Well done!! 🙂

Lots of ♥,