Good monday everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, and now it’s back to work. Well, if you have some opportunity to sneakily do some research for your wedding while working, here’s an updated post on an actual day wedding we shot this year in June! Couple had their solemnisation and banquet at Changi Village Hotel, wedding gown from Bridal Veil – Michelle Huimin, and Cinematographer Bernard Teo from Reddot studio. Browse on, sssshhh, we’ll not tell, and hope you enjoy this series. Happy Monday! 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-001
One shot of Daphne sharing a sweet moment in her getting ready state. She had to wake up about 5am in the morning, but she was bright and chirpy throughout the whole day. I guess the excitement really kept her going. 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-002
Daphne’s lovely wedding gown from Bridal Veil – Michelle Huimin. Quite a number of our couples picked Bridal Veil for their excellent and dedicated service, and I remember one of our previous couple Rachel & Morrison wrote an entry on their service, and it was nothing but raves of good reviews. 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-003
Love the exquisite design of the peeptoe heels.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-004
Brother on right: “Eh, I heard today got solid breakfast for us! You eaten already or not? I fasted the whole of yesterday just for the breakfast later.”

I shall name this Brother on right as Brother X.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-005
The gang arrived at the mini outdoor cafe. Alfresco breakfast with yummy bandung (rose syrup, one of my favourite drink), nutritious sandwiches made with love, peppered bitter gourd skewer, soury yoghurt thingy to aid your digestion, what more can one ask right? 😀
But before the brothers lay their hands on the breakfast, they had to answer some questions first. Sisters were kind enough to include some hints and multiple choices.

RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-006
Unfortunately they did not gave the correct answer, but the sisters were kind enough anyway to let them have the sandwiches. Ben took a bite and he felt so happy because it’s been such a long time ever since he last ate such delicious sandwiches. It’s so spicy, but shiok at the same time. So all the brothers decided to take one for themselves too.


The questionnaire went on and on, end up they finished the spicy sandwiches, drank diabetic bandung, gobbled sour yoghurt and munched the crunchy bittergourd. After having their tummy filled, there were even entertaining games and healthy exercises for them to do.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-007
Brothers were supposed to swing the basketball into the basket, and i love the first picture where the ball covered Ben’s face coincidentally!

Then they had to do sit ups and ate grapes dangling from undies. *coughs* I know I mentioned before on not posting too many gate crashing images anymore, but this series had too many happy faces, I thought I’d share a mini portion with you guys. 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-008
The sweet sisters. 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-009
Finally the key.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-010
You’d have realised by now that I haven’t post any pictures of Daphne’s frontal view right? Kekeke.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-012
Here you go! 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-013

RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-014
While Daphne was getting ready for the Solemnisation, the groom and brothers had time for some “group photo”. The solemnisation ceremony was supposed to be held at the Creek, which is at the Pool area, but the sky decided to be generous and rained showers of blessings on that day, so they had to shift the ceremony indoors.

RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-015
The guests had a quick bite right after the solemnisation.

RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-016
I’m watching you from behind.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-017
Quick mingling before heading off to prepare for the banquet ceremony.


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-018
An image of a quick shot around the hotel. This one took quite some time cos they had to wait for the lift (sometimes 1 lift was in use, so had to wait, then when that lift finally came, someone had to press for the lift from another level and up it went etc). Finally they managed to get this shot of both lift at same level, and the couple looking at each other. 🙂


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-019
Some set up shots of the ballroom and reception area. I super love colorful receptions!!! The lollies, cute little cards for guests to write their blessings, handmade ang pow box and pretty flowers! Everything looks so sweet and happy!! 😀


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-020
And here comes the couple for their first March-in!


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-021
Second march in – elegant evening gown with sooooooo many buttons!


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-022
And it’s Speech Time! Daphne got a little emotional, but her mummy-in-law actually went up and comfort her. Speaking of couple’s speech, some just gave a straight forward thank you, some really went all out to thank every single one of their friends who helped at the wedding. Some really heartfelt and touching ones that sometimes make Raymond himself feel like crying too, and some really funny ones that tickled the guests.


Last week I attended my cousin’s wedding at Goodwood Park Hotel, my cousin in law’s speech was so unforgettable! He started off by thanking everyone for taking the time to attend their wedding especially on a weekday, thanking the parents, the siblings and relatives, and then the epic one came when he started to thank my cousin. It was all sweet and romantic, until he said something like this;

“Daddy mummy, no worries, I have found someone who can take care of you already!!”

I don’t know, it might not sound hilarious, but the way he put it got everyone laughing. Heh heh heh heh.

Not forgetting during the champagne popping they actually broke the chandelier. So funny!!! To some couples incidents like this might make them paranoid, get all stressed up and cannot properly enjoy the rest of the dinner. But it’s little hiccups like this that makes people remember the wedding too. 😀


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-023
Okokie, back to Ben and Daphne’s wedding!


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-024
YAM SENGGGGGGG with the close friends and relatives!!


RaymondPhang Ben Daph AD-025
And a hearty farewell.


I’m really happy for Ben and Daphne, and through their personal wedding website, I got to know more about this sweet couple. When they came by to pick up their DVD, I totally enjoyed sitting through the session when they browsed through their images. Daphne is just so bubbly that she gave funny comments for almost all the images, and Ben as always will smile and laugh in a more discreet manner as compared to Daphne. 😛

Anyway, congratulations once again guys! Hope to hear some good news on your status “upgrades” soon! Muwahahaha! 🙂



P.S/ Watermarks were placed randomly in some pictures in this entry  if you haven’t noticed. This will go on for a few AD wedding blog entries for a contest to reward couples who have been following our blogs all these while. This entry marks just the beginning, so stay tuned! Cheers! 🙂





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