Mr Boss was kind to me yesterday. He let me have a day off so that I could spend some time with my mother, shopping for new year clothes. Since Mr Boss was so nice to let me have a day off, I bought him a piece of new year clothing too! Just one piece though. Because I couldn’t find anything that matches his requirement – comfort, material, durability etc. I only managed to find one that I really wanted to buy when I saw it at first sight. I like it so much that I didn’t even ask for the price first before asking the Auntie for sizes, and requested her to pack them up for me. =_=”. I hope Mr Boss likes it though. 😀


Mr Boss is still outside for a shoot, and it’ll be a long day for us later on when we wake up. He’ll pick me up from church, and we’ll proceed on with our horribly packed day.


There’s something I have to do for Mr Boss. Cut hair!! I wonder what pattern should I do this time round. If I have the time in the world, I’ll make sure I use a tweezer and pluck out the hair one by one to form Raymond Phang Photography on his head! Muwahahahaha!!


Pretty China Doll. Hahahaha!

Last Wednesday, we had a quick bite for dinner with his bunch of friends at Shokudo. I like the whole feeling of the dinner that day. At least it was a relaxing meal after a hectic day, and he let me picked whatever I wanted to eat. I don’t know how to explain this feeling, but I really enjoy that dinner very much. It’s the sweetness of him offering to help me check out whether our BBQ sticks, the mushroom and bacon cabonara, plus the pizza were ready or not, while I help him wait for his katsu curry to be done. It felt as though I had a very important task, and the task was to make sure no one else take away his food by mistake, and I must protect his dinner, carry it to the table safely in one piece, because it was his dinner. I felt like his guardian. 🙂


From time to time I’ll walk around the whole place searching for him, trying to spot him so that I could go over and lend a helping hand or disturb him when we’re waiting for the food together. It’s like little kids playing hide and seek in a fun way although he didn’t intentionally hide away from me while I deliberately seek him out. Hahaha! But I bet he didn’t have any of those feelings. *Folds arm* 🙁


Anyway, it feels like so much fun and so much innocence at that moment. I wish I can keep those feelings into a bottle so that whenever I get upset, I can open up the bottles and relish the moments. If only someone can come up with such an invention. Hmm… I shall go dream about it tonight. Night night people! 😀


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline