Hello gorgeous bride and groom,


Bridal Affairs is having their first ever clearance sale! Only on 21 December 2013, and based on appointment only, so make your booking now via SMS to 9228 8380 to avoid disappointment.

There’s truckloads of items like pre-loved bridal accessories, petticoat, cocktail dresses (short dresses), wedding gowns and evening gowns. Some of the wedding and evening gowns are pre-loved, and some are brand new! Who knows you might just see something that you really like, and at a really good deal too!

For the groom, Bridal Affairs also provide pants and suits for the guys. However for the sale on 21 December 2013, they are mainly focusing on the beautiful dresses for the ladies, so there’s only a limited selection available for you. Oh well, I guess it’s ok, as long as the lady is happy, right? Hehehehe!

Here are some photos that Raymond took for couples who are wearing gowns & suit by Bridal Affairs;

Bridal Affairs - Raymond Phang


Bridal Affairs - Raymond Phang


Bridal Affairs - Raymond Phang

Some couple might ask, well, what do you do with the gown after the wedding? Hmm.. put it on display? Use it for post-wedding or trash the dress photoshoot (especially for couples who regretted not doing a pre-wedding shoot or feel like doing a shoot after the wedding since the mindset is different)? Keep it and wear it every year to renew your wedding vows on your anniversary? Have it reconstructed to a new dress where you can wear it in multiple ways for multiple occasions? (:


Bridal Affairs - Raymond Phang

It’s actually quite common for overseas brides to purchase their wedding gown and I was pretty hooked to the TV show Say Yes to the Dress. It’s like, owning a piece of your memory, or whatever that’s left of the wedding besides the photos & videos. Flowers wilt, cakes and food are eaten, and you cannot bring the ballroom back home with you. It’s just something special… I know there are some of you out there who will know what I’m saying.


Bridal Affairs - Raymond Phang

Other than gowns with many frilly layers and sequins or embroidery, they also have classic Victorian ones like this… and actually a whole lot of other variety.


The last time I went to pay Christin (from Bridal Affairs) a visit, I saw other gown designs which are totally different in style, from the ethereal Vera Wang inspired gowns with the layers of wispy organza to the sexy yet feminine one designed by Zac Posen for Portia which she wore for her wedding with Ellen DeGeneres.

So it’s just one Saturday in December, mark down in your calendar, pick up the phone and make a trip down to see for yourself. We’ve had quite a number of brides choosing Bridal Affairs for their pre-wedding and also for their actual day wedding outfit. So far we have heard nothing but raves about their service and their love for the gowns!

Have fun hunting and hope you guys will find something you’ll love and cherish! 🙂



Pssst: This is not a paid advertisement or anything. Just spreading the good stuff to everyone! Even for my own wedding, I was wearing gowns by Bridal Affairs too so I have every absolute right to brag about their gowns and service. 😉




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