I was thinking of updating an entry to conclude Year 2009 for Raymond and I, but come to think of it, 365 days are all filled with work and more work. The only time we get to go dating is when we meet up with couples-turned-friends for dinner or movies!


Actually I feel really blessed to have known them, especially couples like Guan Lim & Jeslin, Jack & Grace, Michelle & Sam, Desmond & Jolene, Jonald & Yutong, Andrew & Clarice, Richard & Wendy, Eddie & Aileen, Max & Mui Hui, Kok Meng & Cassie, Edwin & Eunice and a whoooooooooooooooooooolesome lotssssssssssssssssss moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! In fact we love them all for inviting us to be part of the special team for their biggest day, and also very appreciative that they engaged us because they genuinely love our works and not because we’re “spares”. Much more than that, we’re really really happy that we get to take the relationship further from being just clients, to friends and very good friends! So looking forward to Year 2010, and hopefully meet more interesting characters!! 😀


Year 2009 was pretty fruitful with the achievements Raymond bagged from the [AG]WPJA – Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, the MPA – Masters Photographer Association, establishment of the Wedding Photographers Guild, collaboration with the preservation of monument board and CDL in producing the book – Resonance Songs of our Forefathers, addition of Susulini the DI artist to our family, and lots lots more! Learnt a lot of things, widened our horizons a bit with the travellings and attending the Schembri workshops in Sydney, plucking enough courage to drive overnight from Sydney to Gold Coast within a day etc!


Come to think of it, even though Year 2009 has been 365 days of work for us, it’s actually still pretty colourful! 😀


Now for my Year 2010 resolution: Stop work at 12 midnight, start work at 7am, find one activity to do together with Raymond (we’re pretty lifeless cos of work!), spend more time with family & friends, eat more fruits! That’s all for now! Maybe i’ll get susulini and Raymond to share some day!


Okie now, here’s some images from my personal snap snaps collection. Hehe.


I actually fed the machine with 2 dollars and out came this love struck looking froggie… I got this because Raymond was mad at me for some reason which I cannot remember. So next morning I went over to his place, outlined the shape of my hands and fingers, cut and folded them in such a way that the middle finger is pointing out, stuck it to the body of the frog and pinned the whole thing to his mirror!


I find it funny cos the whole idea of it is funny to me, and at the same time it gets to express my anger and frustration too… Oh well, things I do to “spice up” our relationship. :p



Bought this during our furniture hunting at IKEA few months back. Raymond likes it a lot.


Sometimes he’s really sweet cos he actually bothers to take time off work and divert his attention to me by doing little things like sewing my buttons back for me when it dropped off. 😀


Interesting things we spotted together..


Having late night supper… it’s actually lunch + dinner combined in the middle of the night after 12 midnight!


Sharing a biiiiig mug of hot chocolate..


Yesterday I spent half the day accompanying my friend Shahidah. I call her Shark He Duck, or Duck for short.


I know I have a lot of emails to reply, but Duck is having some personal problems and she needed someone to talk to…


Raymond and I puts relationship above everything else, so instead of sitting down replying emails while she talk and share her problems, I felt that someone who needs a listening ear deserves all the attention…


Tried to cheer her up so I suggested snapping pictures!


Glad it made her smile… 🙂




Duck and I knew each other since 1997, and she’s like one of my best friend… such a coincidence we’re both wearing checkered top!


Then I suggested playing with faces!


A picture of the naked face…


A picture of the painted face!


Duck has a big eyering, floral murals, bird (which I cannot tell!), stitched up wound, sun, and a Mr Pringles look alike face.

I had two uneven eyebrows, some wrinkles on top, double eyelid, arrow love, whiskers, pink nose, mustache, moles and eyebags.


This image is damn cool! Looked like I had fake teeth!!


That’s duck’s frontal view!





And here’s two images to share from our piles of backlogs of wedding images!!

Taken on 3 November 2009 for Scott & Wee-Li for their outdoor pre-wedding. Susulini came with us on that day and assisted. Very happy that the images turned out to be pretty nice! Sweet and cheery, bright and pretty!! 😀


Taken on 10 November 2009 for Qi Wei & Hsiao Hui’s outdoor pre-wedding. Susulini joined us too, and we had a yummy dinner of Botak Jones right after! Love this series as well, and we really think Hsiao Hui looks like Zhang Zi Yi from certain angles! 😀


We have a whole lot of other backlogs to share, some of which are already completed long ago. Do keep a lookout for more updates ya? Back to emails! Merry Christmas to all!! 🙂



Lots of ♥,