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Conceptualized Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Singapore

For the outrageously fun people who would love to have something creative and unique for their pre-wedding, check out our conceptualized pre-wedding (not for the faint hearted).

Most suitable for the outrageously, wacky, wild, crazy, creative, special group of insane people who dream of flying on a giant Octopus to a land where cows with golden spots feed on Fish and Chips while playing a game of Sudoku with the talking goat.

As a standalone, the single photograph seemed to have no meaning, but unknown to many, all the images serves a very good purpose.

It connects the bits and pieces of the couple’s life story, love story, what they desire in the future, or even their secret childhood fantasy.

Something that may not make sense to anyone at all, but in reality makes a lot of sense to the couple, their friends and family, and means a lot to the couple.

This is the beauty of it all.

This is your story.

As told by the best pre-wedding photographer in Singapore.

Just for you.

An elderly couple strolling down the street, captured in a creative photograph
A couple's playful moment captured by Raymond Phang Creative Photographer: a woman lying on a bed while a man stands beside her.
A playful couple in wedding attire joyfully leaping on a contraption. Captured in a humorous and creative photograph by Raymond Phang
Creative photography by Raymond Phang featuring a couple in red hats inside a store.
Creative and stunning couple photography by Raymond Phang, showcasing his unique style.
Playful duo having fun with food in a modern living room -
A stunning pre-wedding photo of a beautiful couple captured in a creative and artistic way.
Lovebirds in action! A pre-wedding adventure takes this gorgeous couple to shops, creating beautiful memories through creative photography by Raymond Phang in singapore.
Couples' donut delight during their creative pre-wedding photography. Lovebirds indulging in sweet treats, making memories that last.
A stunning bride poses for a creative pre-wedding photoshoot.
A beautiful bride in a wedding dress standing on the sandy beach. Captivating pre-wedding photography.
Vibrant smoke surrounds a gorgeous bride and groom in a creative pre-wedding photoshoot, capturing the essence of their love and excitement.
A beautiful bride and groom sitting in a wooden box with a tree in the background for creative pre-wedding photography.
A couple standing on a table with a beer in front of them, in a funny and creative pre-wedding photoshoot.
A wedding couple in formal attire posing with a bicycle, creating a funny and creative wedding photography moment.
A romantic moment captured in a wedding photography: a couple sharing a kiss under a beautiful umbrella.
A joyful wedding party captured in a timeless black and white creative wedding photoshoots. Cherishing beautiful memories of a special day.
Beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot capturing love and excitement before the big day
A car and tent on the beach under a starry sky, perfect for creative wedding photography.
couples creative photography: one holding a magazine, the other holding a fire extinguisher.
A couple in wedding attire, holding a fishing rod, enjoying a fun and creative wedding photography session.
Creative photography of a couple in formal wear having fun with beer in a field.
A couple in a rugby field, posing for a creative pre-wedding photoshoot amidst the greenery.
A couple in a regretful pose during a creative photoshoot on a football field.
A surgeon performing surgery on a patient in an operating room during a creative photoshoot.
Man lying on floor surrounded by beer cans, part of creative pre-wedding photography with humorous moments.
A man in underwear confidently poses in front of a group of people in a funny and creative photoshoot.
creative pre wedding photography: A couple engages in a humorous battle over a meal
A couple posing humorously in front of a laundry shop during a creative photoshoot.
Creative wedding photoshoot featuring a couple in a kitchen.
In a kitchen, a woman holds a chicken in her hands for creative pre-wedding photography, capturing funny moments with the hen.
A bride and groom, along with their wedding party, strike a pose in a creative photoshoot that includes a swimmer.
Bride in white dress sitting on ground with falling leaves, part of groom creative pre-wedding photoshoot.
A Victorian couple posing with a group of rabbits in a creative wedding photoshoot.
A couple in wedding attire feeding rabbits during a creative wedding photoshoot with adorable bunnies.
Couples posing in unique and artistic pre-wedding photoshoots, showcasing their creativity and love.
A train passing by tall buildings, with couples inside for creative pre-wedding photography
A woman in a red dress sits gracefully beside a car during a couples' creative pre-wedding photoshoot.

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When are your initial and final appointments for creative photoshoots?
Monday through Friday, the first appointment typically begins at 10 a.m. and the final appointment ends at 7 p.m. for creative photography discussions. Weekend reservations are very popular, so make your plans at least a week or two in advance to prevent disappointment. All our creative photoshoot discussions are one on one basis. The one-on-one session is very exclusive because we only meet with one couple at a time.
Is it possible for us to meet outside to discuss our creative photography session?
We apologise, but meetings should preferably take place at our office. Here, we’ve got our artwork on canvases and frames in different sizes, and we also offer a variety of creative wedding photography albums here. We have a fantastic 46″ Samsung LED TV to display our latest portfolio. We are unable to bring each of these to meetings. It would be quite tough, particularly if we had to carry around all of these bulky items while trying to get a seat in the Starbucks café. Not to mention the blaring music, the commotion of sounds, screaming kids, etc. To make our point, we might need to bring along a loud hailer.
Which payment methods are available for creative photoshoots?
Right now, you have the option of paying with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, cash, PayNow or bank transfer for creative photoshoots payments. We apologise, but even though we love chocolate, we cannot accept chocolate coins as cash.
Are there any taxes or service fees in your creative photoshoot package?
For creative photoshoot, no service fee or taxes right now. Yes, we accept expressions of gratitude or appreciation at any time—unless you include “thank you” as one. (:
Could you advise me on which creative photoshoots pictures to include in the album?
The album is ultimately yours to keep, and art is always subjective. Couples have different tastes. While we may believe that family creative photographs are priceless images that belong in the album, couples may disagree and prefer that the entire photo album be dedicated to them and their friends. Therefore, it is best for the couple to make their own option.
I had a horrible job done by my makeup artist, and my right eyebrow appears absurdly high in my creative photoshoots pictures. Would you kindly take action on this?
For this reason, we have always suggested to couples that they hire reliable, professional hair and makeup artists! Your day might be made or broken by them. Photoshop is undoubtedly a powerful tool, but its capabilities are still limited, even with the boom of A.I. Skin retouching is only done for album or print order placed with us. We’ll try our best to make you look like Lisa from Blackpink or Chris Hemsworth.
Do we still need to make any preparations to creative photoshoots?
There’s an adage that goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Creative photoshoot requires a lot of time and brain cells to think through and plan. From location to prop, wardrobes, logistics of securing permits and seeking clearance etc. But occasionally, despite our best efforts to plan everything out, there are just uncontrollable circumstances. Thus, some suggestions would be to enjoy the day and let go of control and expectations.
How many personnel are scheduled to attend the creative photoshoot?
Unless couples hire additional creative photographers or videographers, you will receive exactly one photographer as part of your creative wedding photo package.

Occasionally, our photographers will bring a helper (notice assistant, not photographer) to aid with lighting and equipment baggage.

Which props are appropriate for the creative photoshoot?
It is all up to you. Balloons, flowers, toilet bowls, and plastic bags are welcome. Anything at all.
We have terrible creative photoshoots posing skills and are quite camera shy. How-h-how?
It’s quite acceptable; not everyone is cut out to be a model, skilled selfie shooter, or exceptionally photogenic. It’s especially better if you are bashful around the camera during the creative wedding photography session.. I’ll give you one piece of advice: disregard the photographer. Really? Simply ignore him and treat him as if he doesn’t exist or is invisible. Additionally, you’ll have lovely, genuine, unposed and unmatched creative wedding photos. (:
Do you have any beauty advice for me? I look very unglam with my big eyebag and black eye circle! And advice on slimming too? How do brides get more trim?
For skincare advice, you might want to consult your makeup artist or browse internet forums. Get enough water each day, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and work out frequently. That is very beneficial. And please, stay away from diet medicines. It’s never 100% safe, therefore you never know how it will affect your body. You know what works best in creative wedding photoshoots, smiles, have fun and have a big smile.
What recommendations do you have for a hairstylist, makeup artist, wedding dress designers, photographer , videographer, personalized clothes hanger, photobooth, personalized boutonniere, hair accessories, flower bouquet, florists, wedding favors, locations, etc… for our creative wedding photography session?
You can research these suppliers by reading via forums or wedding publications. If not, you can always inquire with your wedding coordinator or go through the select wedding suppliers we have associated with.
Where can I rent a car? Are there any unique ones available? Do you know how much it is?
Your greatest friend is Google. Try trishaws, buses, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles instead of traditional wedding vehicles if you’ve had enough of them. Surely your photos will earn the wows from friends commenting about your creative choices!
Where can I rent a car? Are there any unique ones available? Do you know how much it is?
Apply black color spray on your white wedding dress! Or you can always ask your gown designer whether they have any wedding dresses in black. We do have a bride who is wearing an Amanda Lee gown and is all decked out in black for her wedding for creative photoshoots. However, there’s no harm in asking your favorite designers if they can create a custom & creative wedding dress that perfectly captures your style.
Could we come by your office later today, about 3 p.m.?
Whoa, we appreciate your excitement. We would love to meet wedding couples in the afternoon, but visits are regretfully limited to those scheduled by appointment only. We don’t want you to waste your time traveling down since we might all be out for photoshoots.
Where exactly are you guys based?
We are based in Singapore, but we do receive enquiries to do creative wedding photoshoot in other countries too!
I adore what you've done! How should we go about getting the creative photographers' confirmation?
Oh, I see. Thanks! I’m sure you’ll have a change of heart and fall even more in love with your own collection of creative wedding images if you wait till your big day! Hehe!

To complete the invoicing, we will require certain information from you for confirmation. Only until we have received the endorsed copy of the papers and the 50% retainer amount for creative wedding or pre wedding photoshoot can we guarantee confirmation.

Please be aware that we do not accept preliminary reservations and that confirmation is given on a first come, first served basis.

Hello, I noticed that you are doing a promotion on creative photoshoot! Although we signed up for your creative pre wedding photoshoot package a year ago and the promotion is only available to new signups, may we still take use of the benefits?
*shakes head* Surely we can’t have every couple that approaches us with the same request? Try sending Hermes an email requesting the same thing. Hello, I just noticed that you are running a promotion (ok they dont run any promos, but just replace Hermes with other brands), can you still give me the same discount off my purchase that I received when I bought a belt from your business a year ago?

Okay, here’s a better example: you buy a spa package through an online deal. You made the reservation and paid the money. A few months later, you come across the identical Spa Package online, but at a significantly lower price. See what they say when you try to ask the merchant for the same benefits. 😉

How many pictures will we get back from the creative photoshoot?
Sincerely, we’re not sure. We don’t set a cap on the number of bullets we fire or the number of images we return of your creative photoshoot, therefore there isn’t one. Every wedding is different, too, including the continuing activities and the guests’ spontaneity as well as the bridal party.

All creative wedding photos taken by our photographers will undergo a screening process, also known as the quality control stage, in order to remove repetitious and closed-eye photographs. After that, we will go through the remaining pictures and have each one carefully altered. You will receive all of these edited pictures back.

Which kind of creative pictures ought I to pick for the album?
See the response to Question 11.
Is it possible for us to view the colorful version of the black and white altered photos of your creative photoshoots?
Our bill includes the Archival Option, which is available for three years at a small cost of $100. If that option is not selected, once we give the couple their images, we will remove all backups and RAW files from our server and save only a few carefully picked JPEGs that we think are nice. You cannot turn a JPEG back to color after it has been converted to black & white. Additionally, the images are modified based on the creative photographer’s feelings at the time of the shoot. Every picture is cropped and manipulated in a certain way for a purpose.
Is it possible for us to view the colorful version of the black and white altered photos of your creative photoshoots?
Our bill includes the Archival Option, which is available for three years at a small cost of $100. If that option is not selected, once we give the couple their images, we will remove all backups and RAW files from our server and save only a few carefully picked JPEGs that we think are nice. You cannot turn a JPEG back to color after it has been converted to black & white. Additionally, the images are modified based on the creative photographer’s feelings at the time of the shoot. Every picture is cropped and manipulated in a certain way for a purpose.
What happens if it pours rain during the creative photoshoots?
It’s encouraging! Blessings in abundance are falling upon you all for your creative photoshoots. HAHA! In any case, pack a cloak if the weather worries you. The rain doesn’t stop the world from rotating. For all we know, we can grab some creative angles in our photoshoot!
The itinerary is attached; kindly adhere to the times specified as we do not wish to be charged for an extra hour.
Yes, but keep in mind that having the photographer check the clock and mentally record how many hours they have been shooting disrupts the workflow greatly and makes it difficult for them to focus. The photographer cannot be disturbed to continue searching for the time because they will be just as busy as you and your spouse and will be giving it their all. At the end of the day, we all want them to perform at their best during your creative wedding photoshoot session.

It will be necessary for couples to designate a timekeeper to alert the photographer when it is time to conclude the session. However, are you certain you want no recollections of that specific moment from your special day? =/

What camera are you using for creative photoshoots?
Every time, I would say, “iPhone.” HAHA! Have you seen those stunning photos that were taken using the iPhone? Quite puts to disgrace some of the DSLR shots! It doesn’t matter what brand of camera or gear is utilized. The individual operating all of these mechanisms is what matters most. It’s all for naught if he or she doesn’t understand the workings of the gears, has the technical know-how to compose and frame a shot well, can adjust exposure and white balance, and—above all—has the experience to foresee future developments and the ability to see things that the rest of us are blind to. It doesn’t really matter whether they have the priciest camera on the planet in their possession.

It would be analogous to telling a creative photographer that his shots are stunning; he must be using an amazing camera, or telling a cook that the supper was excellent; he must be using an amazing stove.

It’s not logical, my friend.

Nevertheless, in case you are truly curious, we use the Canon system for our cameras, vast collection of lenses, and five speedlights. We also occasionally use the Leica M & S System, depending on the situation. We use Canon, Godox, Nanlite, Profoto and Broncolor for professional lighting. Indeed, we do have every umbrella, softbox, grid, strip light, reflector, etc. that is required.

Where can we purchase men's wedding clothes or shoes for creative photoshoots?
Google and social media are your best friends. Hehe! If you would rather have a custom suit built, you can visit Designers, Kingsmen Tailor, or even Men’s Tradition at Peninsula. Tangs ought to be suitable for shoes if you don’t have a specific brand in mind. Else Bridal studio do equally spiffy suits for men.
Do you know where I can find the candy floss or popcorn machine?
You can find all of these resources by searching online or by hiring a creative wedding planner. Creative Wedding planners are expensive, but you should only work with the best, most reputable ones—the others will just leave you hanging—but they can save you a ton of stress, according to comments from previous couples.