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Conceptualized Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Singapore

For the outrageously fun people who would love to have something creative and unique for their pre-wedding, check out our conceptualized pre-wedding (not for the faint hearted).

Most suitable for the outrageously, wacky, wild, crazy, creative, special group of insane people who dream of flying on a giant Octopus to a land where cows with golden spots feed on Fish and Chips while playing a game of Sudoku with the talking goat.

As a standalone, the single photograph seemed to have no meaning, but unknown to many, all the images serves a very good purpose.

It connects the bits and pieces of the couple’s life story, love story, what they desire in the future, or even their secret childhood fantasy.

Something that may not make sense to anyone at all, but in reality makes a lot of sense to the couple, their friends and family, and means a lot to the couple.

This is the beauty of it all.

This is your story.

As told by the best pre-wedding photographer in Singapore.

Just for you.

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