Hi Guys!!
Here’s wishing all of you a super happy prosperous and big huat (not big fart hor) lunar new year! May all of us grow wiser, kinder, gentler, more humble, more patient, and more blessed in Year 2011! Always be young at heart, contented, and live your life to the fullest! That when you look back at your life many years later, you’ll find truckloads of colorful and meaningful memories so wonderful  you’ll not feel anything like you have lived your life in vain. 🙂
Raymond, Susu and I decided to take some crazy fun shots in the studio after receiving a lovely surprise from Serene & Chek Chai! It’s a box of mini cupcakes!! SO PRETTY!!! And I think we have a wee bit of telepathy because a day before Serene’s email telling us what surprise she’ll be getting for us, I was telling Raymond about my cake craving. I can eat all the cream in the world, get fat and explode I don’t really care as long as it’s cake and it has cream. So needless to guess who ate the most number of cupcakes… ME ME ME ME ME!!! 😀
We took my Pok Chui camera to snap because Raymond’s two Canon cameras are with a friend for shoot. No choice, gotta make do with the less than optimal quality. We wished it was in a better quality so that we can have it printed out for keepsake. But oh well, pok chui was the bestest solution at that point of time for a self timer group photo. So here’s what we got;
The mini cupcakes in Number 1 Hero’s hands, Susu with coconut tree growing on her head carrying Satin, and myself with Bailey!
First attempt not very good, so we tried another one!
Previous one head got cut off, so had to re-take!
Satin was a wee bit camera shy, but Bailey was doing good! Hero 1 says these cupcakes give you muscles!
Now Satin is finally showing us a little of her face!
Had to take another one cos previous ones couldn’t see the mini cupcakes clearly. Oh no, Susu and I are looking like twins. =_=”
After putting down the furkids, we decided to take one showing  “拜年”。We didn’t have oranges in the fridge, so we tried to find alternative! Being alcoholic freaks (not really… Hehehehe… only like to make people drink), we decided to dig out the alcohols in the fridge except for Raymond.
My favourite favourite shot of the lot aside the one with Susu and I looking like twins! Thanks to Mr Hoho and Mrs Hoho for the black tee that Raymond is wearing. 😉
Thank you Serene and Chek Chai for the lovely mini cupcakes!!!! HUAT AH!!!! 😀

Till the next entry, take care! 🙂


Lots of ♥,