Today we’re gonna talk about Switzerland. What’s in Switzerland besides the banks and alps? Switzerland has… Chocolates! OMG the world’s best milk chocolate made of the finest milk and cream with their superb art of chocolate making. I’m soooooo gonna infuse every single one of my cell with chocolates and make sure I hit my 100 years chocolate quota there!

How about… CHEESE!! Oooooo… Over 450 varieties of cheeses there!! I wish they can make one pizza with all the hundreds of cheese varieties! Hehehehe~

Obviously Angeline is gonna start selling organs to acquire her first Tourbillon. Muwahahahaha! Ok maybe no need that extreme, a normal watch will do. I shall crack Mini boss’ piggy bank to get that first Swatch. HAHAHAHA! Then slowly followed by the IWC and MB&F and Chopard and Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-leCoultre. Okok, let’s be serious and just focus on that one watch. I still want the Deep Space by Vianney Halter. =p

Vianny Halter Deep Space

What other awesome stuffs do they have in Switzerland? Raymond Phang Photography!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So not shy. :p

Raymond Phang Photography is heading off to Switzerland this year in June, right after we are done with our pre-wedding photoshoot tour in New Zealand!

Couples who would like to have a piece of this awesome, be a part of this awesome and are interested to have a shoot done in either country, feel free to chit chat with Angeline via WhatsApp at 8138 3397! If you prefer to do it the email way, send it to contactme AT raymondphang DOT com ok!! Can be a simple photoshoot to celebrate friendship, casual engagement photoshoot, pre-wedding photoshoot, proposal photoshoot, family photoshoot, even travel shoots!

Alrighty, gotta go already!

Hear from you soon! <3


Drooling over watches,