Hello everyone! Raymond and I have been super busy recently! It’s like riding on a crazy roller coaster ride with no ending and no destination! We had fun taking turns to fall sick, shooting weddings for lovey dovey couples like Herman and Janet, Chye Tuan and Siang Yin, Richard and Wendy etc, meeting up with interesting couples like Ken (and his friend James) who thought Raymond was Gay cos of one of the comments in the Jack and Grace entry I wrote, catching up with our past lovely couples like Jack and Guan and Jeslin and Andrew and Clarice and and and and and!! Muwahahaha.


Okie, we have a whole mountain of pictures to share, especially Raymond’s travel collection when he went over to China for a shoot. But today I’m sharing something interesting. My parents’ wedding pictures! =D


Family Portrait - Wedding

This is a one and only piece of family portrait in my family before I was born. So precious because there’s no negatives returned, and seriously, this is the only piece. ONLY piece. So many siblings inside the picture, but my dad gets to keep this maybe because he’s the eldest son? But he’s not the eldest children in the family. Hehe. I was wondering how come the bestman and my dad wears the same thing. Quite misleading! =p


6 sisters and 1 brother. Actually got few more brothers, but you know, families in the past cannot afford so many children, so had no choice but to give away. Some left Planet Earth already when they were young. =(

Bride and Groom

My mum pretty much hates her makeup that day. No choice cos they had a super tight budget, and this is the best my dad and his family could provide already.


Portrait destroyed

When I was born, I grew up and started drawing things all over the house. This should be one of my masterpiece before I even went to Kindergarten. I will always remember this because I got wacked extremely badly by my dad when he saw this. It’s really lucky that I didn’t draw on the other side. Cos this is actually the one and only piece of family portrait!! Sigh… at that time I didn’t know why did my dad canned me for drawing. Now that I realised the value of pictures, I can understand his then position.


Maybe it’s a sign that I will be an artist when I grow up what. No?? =p


Wedding album

The photo album. One and only too!


wedding photo album

Sorry for the bad quality cos I don’t have a scanner, and I quickly snapped it using my dummy camera.


Tea ceremony

My mum and dad’s tea ceremony. Dad was holding the plate of teacups while mum served to my 3rd uncle, and my grandmother watched at the side. Hmm… Interesting.


dinner banquet

Their night banquet. No table to table shoots! Only candids. How cool!! These people are part of my mum’s family.


table to table

No yum seng, so you get to yum seng individually with the different tables.


forced drinks

And then they made the groom drink. My dad doesnt drink alcohol at all so I wonder what happened to him after this glass. Hmm… Oh, no speeches, no gate crashing too! =\



Going back already! My mum wore a pink cheongsam, with a pink tiny hat + feathers. She still keep this cheongsam though!! Can wear for my own wedding. Muwahahahahaha!!


tea serving

Now that’s me looking at the photographer. Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll have my eyes on a wedding photographer in future when I grow up. That’s why I’m happily in love together with Raymond now.



Okie! Gotta go already! Pardon the gramers, gotta go meet couple! More updates soon! 😀



Lots of ♥,


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