Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates, we’ve been pretty busy these few days trying to clear as much backlogs as we can before Raymond fly to Russia this coming weekend. 🙂
Recently we’ve gotten news of quite a few couple of ours who’re expecting with a baby! Yesterday was Cassie’s birthday, and we got news that they’re expecting Little Kok Meng, due in November! So happy for them!!! And also we just received news from Sam and Michelle that their son was born on 27 July 2010!! So awesome! Can’t wait to visit them in Sydney! Also a biiiig congratulations to Laurie and Agnes + Edwin and Chew Ling who just gave birth last month! Not forgetting Terence and Jann + Herman & Janet who is due in August too!! Wah, so excited for all of them taking the next step of their new journey!! May all our couples pop more little boy boy and little girl girl, and be very much more in love than before! 🙂
That aside, here’s some images taken from Paul and Marilyn’s wedding this year in April. They had Singapore’s best wedding planner (awarded by Singapore Tatler) – The Wedding Entourage plan their wedding with a Disney Princess theme for the evening banquet session. I think they did a wonderful job with the coordinating, looking into every single detail of the wedding down to the timing schedules and the customs! Heard from Marilyn that The Wedding Entourage only takes on a certain number of wedding assignments to ensure that they give the best of their time and attention to plan for the couple’s wedding. Very exclusive and committed indeed! I also learnt from Raymond that the planners offer sincere and honest advices to couples (especially Caroline), so I’m very sure couples will definitely feel the assurance. 🙂
Paul and Marilyn engaged a second photographer – Kaya Ow – for the more formal shots, and also had Yang from Substance Films for Video. Their banquet was held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel, with a beautifully and massively decorated ballroom (flowers and decor by Boenga). I can’t put in words how much effort was made for the preparation to make this wedding a successful and memorable one for the couple, but one thing for sure, Paul and Marilyn enjoyed themselves thoroughly on their wedding day! 🙂
I shall cut it short for now, so… enjoy the images taken by Raymond Phang! 🙂

Marilyn and Paul
Prince Paul
Sweet little jewel crown for the Prince and his merrymen.
Raymond Phang - Actual Day Photographer
Caroline - The Wedding Entourage
That’s Caroline and Yang in the background.
Bride - Marilyn from Wedding Entourage
The beautiful princess!
Raymond Phang Photography
Raymond Phang - Disney Princess
Raymond Phang - singapore wedding photographer
Customised cupcakes – Disney princess themed!
Bride getting ready
Bride- Getting ready - Marilyn
Personally I like how the natural lights coming from the window falls on her skin and highlight the details subtlely.

One of my personal favourite.

Bride - putting on veil
Raymond Phang Photography
Groom and brothers
Prince Charming accepting his first challenge!
Groom wearing crown
I can’t point a finger, but this is one of the image I pretty much like as well. Prince Charming is squatting down, picking up the items needed for the gatecrashing games.
Groom gatecrashing
Groom gatecrashing writing love note
singapore gatecrashing
singapore gate crashing ideas

I like this one! Prince Charming had to make a pumpkin carriage using the available materials! Cos for the disney princess themed wedding, Paul is Prince Charming and Marilyn is Princess Cinderella! 🙂

Cinderella's pumpkin carriage

red umbrella
Raymond Phang Photography - signature motion car shot on wedding day
One of Raymond Phang’s signature shot – motion car shots on actual day wedding.

kid opening car door
Love the little boy’s expression! BMW doors must be solid heavy, so takes a lot of strength to open. Muwahahahaha!

where is the leg
Spot the missing thing……. Where’s the princess’ legs??

tea ceremony

chinese traditional tea ceremony
bride and groom
details - heels
casual outdoor
love is in the air
raymond phang photography - signature shot
One of RPP’s favourite!! This image says “Move it men! Before the sisters realise that I have given them an empty ang pow!”
Raymond Phang Photography - signature motion car shot on actual day wedding
back to bride's home
Another of my personal favourite – I love the expressive look of one of the sisters standing on the left hand side of the image – love the way she’s looking at the newly wed couple.
Raymond Phang - actual day wedding
Grand copthorne Waterfront hotel singapore

Trouble and Junior!
wedding favour - big diamond ring napkin holder
Part of the wedding favor – A super duper big rock from Boenga! Hari was kind enough to send one over to our studio, and Raymond gave it to me as a “surprise”! 🙂
grand copthorne waterfront hotel ballroom
Centrepiece for the VIP table.
floral decor by Boenga
Boenga Floral and Design
So pretty!!
Disney princess theme
The magic gate.
Boenga Wedding favour
Magnificent disney theme castle backdrop
Brothers - disney princes
The wedding entourage backdrop
Snow white
Cinderella gown
Princess Cinderella in her blue gown!
Emcee of the wedding
Sleeping beauty
Entrance of the Princes and Princesses! There were Princess Belle & Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast, Princess Snow White & Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Princess Jasmine & Prince Aladdin from Aladdin, Princess Ariel & Prince Eric from The little Mermaid, Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip from The Sleeping Beauty!
March in
And finally, Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming!!
bride and groom
Kids at wedding
the toast
tinkerbell fairy
For the second march-in, they had Tinkerbell dance in with her magic wand!

champagne popping
flying dutchman
Time for some little Q&A games after the champagne popping!
victorian men

Victorian Man: “Heh heh heh heh, easy one!!”
Modern Man: *scribbles 500 word essay*
Prince Charming: “Shit… tricky tricky question!! Don’t know whether to write yes or no… must find a diplomatic answer otherwise tonight have to kneel on durian shell… maybe I write: For me to know, for you to find out! *sniggers*”
Q&A stage games
Ladies have to participate too!

Wonder why is Marilyn looking pretty serious here~

Victorian Man wrote a good answer!!

Marilyn and paul
Prince Charming’s answer was the most awesome one!
marilyn paul and caroline
farewell reception
Farewell receiving line.
farewell guest send off
marilyn and paul
Princess Cinderella: “Heh heh heh heh, let’s see whether he will fulfill all he has written on the Love contract during the gatecrashing”
Prince Charming: “Humph, wait till she see the surprise I got for her. She will surely fall madly and deeply in love with me all over again.”
the proposal
*Prince Charming flashes a super duper big bling bling*
Princess Cinderella: “HEAY????*
I do
*Prince Charming super satisfied with the surprise gift and thought his princess confirm chop+guarantee love it*
*Princess Cinderella pulls a long face and thought to herself: “Sigh… if only it’s a REAL one… after the clock strikes 12 midnight, this super big bling bling will turn into a rubberband popcorn”. *
flying dutchman
The Flying Dutchman.
send off
final portrait of bride and groom
Lastly, a portrait of the couple against the beautiful backdrop and stage decor. 🙂
Congratulation to the two once again, and hopefully pop a little Paul or little Marilyn out soon! Hehehehe! 🙂



That aside, we have a new addition to the Raymond Phang Photography family!! Her name is Satin, Bailey’s real younger sister!! Really sweet and docile girl with a gentle temperament! She doesn’t bark, you can carry her and place her in any position you want, and she won’t move! So we’re now known as BRASS – Bailey, Raymond, Angeline, Sulin and Satin!

Raymond Phang and chihuahua

Do let us know if you’d like to pop by for a visit ya? Cheers!! 🙂
Lots of ♥,