The Essentials Of Pre Wedding Photography

Photographs are a very important element in weddings. How else can we effectively keep that precious moment and make it last forever? A wedding would not be complete without the wedding photographer. Now it is not only about capturing the wedding ceremony on the big day itself.

Nowadays pre wedding photo shoots are becoming the norm.

The Importance Of Engagement Photographs

Engagement photographs are taken at scheduled sessions, where the couple gets a chance to have a feel of what the actual day wedding photography will be like. The pictures are taken a few days before the ceremony itself. The images of the engaged couple will then be used for various wedding necessities such as announcements and wedding programs. Pre wedding photography is essential if you want to have engagement photographs.

Non Traditional Pre Wedding Photography

These kinds of shoots are usually planned. The couple goes through a number of poses at predetermined locations. Even costumes and props are planned beforehand. Pre wedding photography lends itself more to studio shots and traditional style photography.

However, when a good non-traditional photographer wields a camera, the photojournalistic style will be able to capture images that are more striking, truthful, and therefore meaningful than a posed studio photo. The non-traditional style or wedding photojournalism may also make use of costumes and props, but the resulting photos will not appear as staged as traditional studio shots.

Pre Wedding Photography Locations

No matter what photography style is used, location is an important aspect for its success. Traditional photography is usually indoors, more often in the photography studio with artificial lighting and all the equipment in one place.

Wedding photojournalists do it differently. With this style of pre wedding photography, you can get creative with outdoor locations, at a favorite and meaningful spot or merely somewhere picturesque. You can make it fun and creative, choosing an unexpected location for a wedding shoot; and then let the photographer take his photos the photojournalist’s way, candidly capturing the happy couple in action.