Hi Guys! It’s been a long while since we last visited this space! Haven’t had the chance to update the many things (good and bad) that have been happening to us due to our current workload. And not forgetting the BRAS have all grown fat, so we tend to be a little bit slow and lazy in updating. Hahahahaha!! We actually gave ourselves a name known as BRAS – Baileys our chihuahua mascot, Raymond, Angeline, and Sulin. When Baileys is not in the picture, I guess we’ll just have to make do with the name SAR. Sounds a little deadly, but as a team, we are deadly. Kekeke. We work like mad together, binge and snack together, expand physically together towards the same horizontal direction and it is such a joy that we have each other for support! Hahahaha! 😛


Currently we have tons and tons of wedding backlogs to edit and share, so do be patient with us while we find the time to update constantly ya? We’ll also have images from Raymond’s editorial shoot in Silk Road (where he met with some misfortune during his birthday), some images of our long overdue Kelong trip as SAR, maternity shots (yes, maternity), more amazing pre-wedding images (confirm never seen before, once in 16 years and never again), and more images of recent actual day weddings! We just did one for Kenny and Sherry’s AD on 3 July 2010 (super popular date!), one of the group shot taken for the groom and the brothers is really nice! To the brothers, the sacrifices your shoes made were all very much worth it! 😀


At present, Raymond is enslaved to the nation for his Reservist and running his ass off to make sure he pass that darn IPPT. We’ll see him when he’s back by the weekend for the actual day wedding shoot of Sam and Shen Hwee. 🙂
Raymond has also won himself a First Place for the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) 2010 Q’1 contest for the Ceremony category. It’s our first time participating in the WPJA contest, and we’re very humbled by the achievement. We’ll share the winning image on a seperate entry with the rest of the couple’s wedding images. Lots of images which we personally like, and definitely lots of emotions happening during the wedding as well. 🙂


Another piece of good news to share, Raymond has been selected to represent Singapore for the ASEAN Young Photographers’ Award 2010 which will take place in Singapore in August this year. I’m sure he must be really excited to meet the other representing photographers from their respective countries. It’s a very good opportunity for him to interact and exchange ideas with photographers from abroad, and I hope it will change his perspective be it towards photography or even Life. 🙂


We’re super excited for the plans we have for next year as well, and we’ll share with all couples once we have the details finalised! The SAR has even made a pledge to make sacrifices for it just to see it come true! Emily and Colin has been really supportive, and we’d want couples to take advantage of the opportunity too! So do stay tuned for more updates ya? 😀


That aside, couples have feedback to me that my SMS-es are like emails, and my emails are like story books! I’m so sorry to be this long winded again, blame it on the lack of writings and updates! 😛


Seriously, I would also like to share with everyone another piece of news update. One of the couple whose wedding we shot this year has been featured on the front cover of the current issue (July 10 – December 10) of Blissful Brides magazine. Their wedding is also featured in the Real Weddings section from Page 340 to Page 343. Do grab a copy of the magazine at all major newstand and vote for your favourite cover ya? You’ll stand a chance to win an Elegante Diamond necklace worth $3058 from Goldheart Jewellery. Voting form can be found on Page 48 of the Blissful Brides magazine, and contest ends 30 November 2010. Good luck to all who have voted, and enjoy the images taken during Qi Wei and Hsiao Hui’s actual day and pre-wedding! It’ll be a looooong post with lots of images. Loading of images will take abit of time, so do be patient ya? Hehe. Cheers! 😀


Raymond Phang Photography
Front cover of Blissful Brides Magazine


blissful brides magazine issue 12
Real Wedding feature
blissful brides magazine real weddings feature


Goldheart Jewellery Elegante Diamond Necklace
Contest Form on Page 48



actual day wedding photography by raymond phang
Hsiao Hui getting ready


journalistic wedding photography


capturing little details


parents putting on veil


groom and merrymen
Merrymen and groom’s arrival… groom seemed a little nervous…


Kena tekan by the sisters during gatecrashing, begging for mercyyyyy~


eileen the sister
That’s Eileen, one of the bride whose wedding we shot on 6 June 2009 last year!
To view the blog entry on their wedding, visit https://raymondphang.com/blog/2009/ho-wei-eileen-6-june-2009



key to gatecrashing
Evil sister dangles the key to the padlock infront of the helpless Qi Wei… So… it’s key, or money?


* Qi Wei ponders*

“Bo bian, have to eat grass for the next few months already…”
sisters receive ang pow
The sisters opening up the red packet with delight!


actual day wedding gatecrashing
“HAR!! Only 10 bucks ah!”


end of gatecrashing
The last resort, if still cannot clear stage, have to go sell backside already….


sign of relief
Wah headache, how come my wifey’s girl friends so scary! Heng they accept my last ang pow!


HA-HA! See if you dare to bully me or not!
kiss bride


prayers to ancestors
There’s something I like about this image and I cannot explain why…
Maybe it’s the atmosphere, or the way everyone is focusing on the couple who is offering prayers with all sincerity…


tea and egg
Must be the soup not nice to drink right…

Actually amongst the many brides we’ve photographed, Hsiao Hui is one of the few brides who has the most expressions!


tea and egg
I think the bowl of something must be pretty hard to swallow down the throat… =x


to groom's place
I love red umbrellas! If i have the time, I might update a post on all the red umbrella shots we have done. You’ll then see the different expressions from the brides, and it’s really interesting! 🙂


subtle details


fly on the wall


natural candid moments


natural candid moment


kiss in the closet
Personally I haven’t visited their place, but when I first saw this image I thought their wardrobe looked amazing! It looked like there’s an attached bathroom right beyond the wardrobe!


eileen portrait
Eileen in the wind~


tea ceremony chinese
Tea ceremony! I never used to appreciate tea ceremonies, and I thought they were one of  the most boring part of a wedding, next to table to table shots and group photos. But recently somehow I had a change of perspective. I came to value human relationship more, and trying to appreciate the much elder folks. There’s a few images from Kangwei & Shuqin’s tea ceremony which I’ve listed as my favourites. Might seemed like some extremely normal shots, but nowadays I tend to look beyond the surface of the photos and realised that the ties or meaning behind it is worth much more than anything else in the world. I’ll update an entry of their actual day wedding (18 July 2010) once the images are ready. 🙂


Tricky tricky part! Unpin the wrong one and you might destroy the hairstyle! Maybe the sisters ought to collect bribery from the groom for completing this task for them. 😛


gown by The Bridal Veil by Michelle Hui Min


elders at a wedding
I seriously wonder what’s the piece of paper they’re looking at. Love the expression and the whole feeling/tension!


groom adjusting tie


traditional peranakan outfit for brides
Instead of the usual traditional Kwa or cheongsam, Hsiao Hui wore a gorgeous traditional peranakan outfit!


bride out of car


casual shoot


traditional peranakan shoes with intricate beading details
Intricate details, and it’s not easy when the shoes are handmade and every beads have to be sewn on individually. Takes alot of patience and skills!


tea ceremony


the must have portraits
One of the must haves for weddings! When else do you get a chance to hug the groom like this, take the opportunity to poke his waist and squeeze his butt!


candid moments
Now’s the eggies eating time!


subtle details

Ho Wei & Eileen
Start of the evening session with Ho Wei and Eileen goofing around..


Ho Wei & Eileen goofing
Who’s the Karaoke King!!


Bride and mum
A picture of the mum and daughter getting ready! We call Hsiao Hui’s mummy as  星妈 (celebrity’s mum). Hehehe! Don’t you think Hsiao Hui has the looks of a celebrity? When I first saw her, I thought she looked like Zhang Zi Yi! But of course Hsiao Hui is the super friendly, warm and outgoing version. 😀


bridal party getting ready


Bride's long train gown
Hsiao Hui’s gown with a super long train! Gown from Bridal Veil by Michelle Hui Min.


Cover of blissful brides issue 12
They had time for some quick photo opportunities around Raffles Hotel where they had their banquet.


bride and groom wedding portrait
Love the tone and lighting for this one.


Raffles Hotel


March in at raffles ballroom


Folks at wedding


Raffles Hotel Ballroom


Make up by Cleo Chang
Hsiao Hui had her hair and make up for the evening done by Cleo Chang.


Raffles Hotel


Bride getting ready
Putting on the shoes~


Groom getting ready
This picture reminds me of the day when my uncle got married. I was only a primary school kid’s age at that time, and my parents decided that my brother and I will sleep over at my uncle’s place together with my granny. I couldn’t sleep well, probably too excited and didn’t know what to expect. So I had my granny to tell us stories of her life, and probably what marriage is about. The next thing I know, my uncle’s alarm clock went off, he immediately dashed out of his room, washed up and got ready. He was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous, until he actually forgot how to put on socks!! Hahahahaha!! I can never forget the scene, and I’ve decided to use that against him if he ever teases me on my wedding day. 😛


champagne popping 2
“Na, you hold it like this and you push it like that ok?”



champagne popping 3
“Grrrrrr… Vrrrrr…..”


champagne popping 4
“Nonono, hold it like this, and then push it like that…”


champagne popping 5
“Heh heh heh, seems to work now!”


champagne popping DONE!
“Woooooaaah, suddenly fly out like that!”




table to table


and the kids get high
Kids on a high…


candid group photos
I must say Hsiao Hui’s Kwa is also one of the most beautiful one I’ve seen. The cutting fits her perfectly and look at the colours + details!


good daughter, bride in beautiful kwa
“Our Huihui is a very good daughter, filial and prettttyyy… so lucky to marry a good husband…”


folks at wedding
SIAMI HUI HUI??? Where’s my Zhang Ziyi???


Muwahahahahaha! I’m a little in the cranky mood today, thus the weird captions for the images. Luckily I postponed my driving lesson. Else I would have given my instructor a heart attack since yesterday I almost made him choke on his sweet when I swirve the car to almost mount the pedestrian walkway at the slip road. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Rainy days make it easier to drift… oops! I drive golf buggy can mount kerb, drive car can swirve elsewhere, so please don’t invite me to a go-kart race cos I will confirm flip and toss the car in mid air and do the mid air car explosion stunt. I don’t mind Daytona invites though. 😛



Now for a few selection of the pre-wedding images at Raffles Hotel, with hair and make up by Cleo Chang as well.

Pre-wedding with Raymond Phang Photography


Raymond Phang Photography


Pre-wedding photography at Raffles Hotel


Nostalgic outdoor bridal photo shoot


Outdoor bridal in Singapore


Raymond Phang Photography - Outdoor Bridal Shoot


Raymond Phang Casual Session


Make up by Cleo Chang


Qi Wei & Hsiao Hui


Raffles Hotel Long Bar - Singapore Sling


DBS ATM Machine in Singapore at Raffles Hotel

That’s all for today’s super lengthy update! I hope you’ll take a looong loooooong time to finish reading so that I’ll have more time before I update on the next entry! Hehehe. Cheers! 🙂


Lots of ♥,