Some pictures to share from Richard and Wendy’s actual day wedding! I’m still waiting for their nasi lemak! But these guys are currently busy with work, house moving, and preparation for house warming. Pretty excited for them!! And may the couple, together with their family always be in pink of health! 😀


Raymond and I are doing some sneaky things, but we’ll make the announcement real soon once everything is ready! Guan Lim and Jeslin knows about it, and has been the bestest + most patient helping us with the selections, the purchasing etc! We even had to trouble Guan to stain his delicate fingers to wrap up the glasses for us with yellowed dirty crispy newspapers. So sweet and nice of them!! Cannot believe they actually gave us their first – first in spending such a long time at that place. Muwahahaha! 😀


We recently acquired new pets, and we’ll post some pictures of them once their habitat is ready. Guan took some pretty nice pictures of them, and we’ll share them altogether at a later time! Hehe For now, some wedding pictures!



Wendy had a laaaarge mirror in her house, right at the living room! Very convenient for yoga, dances, makeup and personal catwalks. 😛


Enough of the fingers, here’s the toes.




Bitter Gourd – The All Time Favourite of all grooms and merrymen! Muwahahahaha!


Sookee’s Brilliant Rose series! They are a fan of Soo Kee’s Brilliant Rose series too! 🙂




Big breakfast!




MacDonald’s have cup corn/corn cup, they have healthy greens cup!


Wonder what’s the content of this scary looking love binding contract…




Wendy’s heels, with her lovely gown at the background.







Here comes the groom!




Big breakfast with lots of healthy red veggies!


Ooooh… yummy!!


Hmm… not bad tasting afterall!


Richard doesn’t like green veggies…


Muwahahahaha! None of them liked it!



Then they had to pick red packets, with words inside. They picked a “hand” and “lick”. So Richard got to lick some gross stuffs off the hands of one of his brothers.


Now he needs some instant Dettol Tongue Sanitiser!



Now… the beginning of the mental torture!



Oooo… Sexy lingerie!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!




Now to the fun games! It’s supposed to bring them close to each other.




If only the spoon was shorter. Then they could have touched cheeks/forehead/nose/lips. Muwahahaha~


This is a super good idea!!


No good idea.


Told you it’s not a good idea. The sisters are not pleased!



Empty cheque with signature on, carry you in with sedan. $12, make you walk in yourself and snap picture with girly “photo frame”.


I love these games! 😛


Love this shot!






Meet Wendy-a! Hahaha!



Time to head out for some quick outdoor snaps!



I like this pic!





They even had time to flew kite!


Needless to say, all the car shots by Raymond are always one of my top favourites. 🙂




Their banquet was held at the SwissOtel Merchant Court.




Specially decorated to create some air of romance for the couple.




Wendy talking on the phone while doing the make up.


Actually the ballroom also looks quite nice.




Wow, they must have spent some time doing up the pen. It looks like it’s wrapped with red ribbons, with the “xi” character on it.


This uncle looks pretty cute! 🙂



I like this lamp. Used to see it at IKEA…




Richard sang a song for the March in for Wendy and her Dad!! Unfotunately I didn’t get to hear it! Awwww!! Just look a his expression! Must have put a lot of heart into it. 🙂









Love this shot!




Now for the second march in.



I like the kid’s expression in this picture.


Here comes the couple! They had a mini dance in!




Sleepy kids everywhere.


I like this one.


Back to sleep. Hahaha.





Are you searching for thiiiis? The carpark redemption coupon!! Sometimes the guests forget to grab one for themselves during the reception, or they arrived late so they had to ask from the groom during the send off.






Okie!! End of sharing for this series! Cheers! 😀



Lots of ♥,