We are back again! Wish we can get an octopus as an intern to help around here cos our hands are just too full with work to update! Plus the miniboss has been pretty ill & had to be hospitalised, so social media had to take a backseat.

So while everyone is enjoying their weekend somewhere either shopping or nua-ing at home catching up on Netflix what not, here’s the behind the scene video of the Singapore Kindness Movement campaign photoshoot to share with everyone. Photos of the posters were shared in our previous post.This uber cool and sleek BTS video is done by the yummilicious peeps at XD Studios. Got drone fly here fly there, got slow-mo fats jiggling here and there when we were playing on the Trampoline, got music to our ears with the fantastic duet by Gim and Regina etc! We love it so much and we hope you’ll feel the same too! *slurps* :D~

Besides conceptualised pre-wedding shoot, this was like one of super fun campaign photoshoot that we did!

These were shot for Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign’s new theme where we encourage kindness and graciousness.

Kindness, it’s up to us.

For this photoshoot project, we had a massive team of awesome creatives & talents working together with us to make this happen. Folks at 360, XD Studios, RPP, Ryan, Lester, Geoff, Stills Network, Sophia Chia/Makeup Pros, Tong Oh/Vagabond, Cheng/iImaging, Gim Goh, Regina, Dharshen, Wei Jie, Si Yuan, Darien, Riley, Bryan/John, support from Canon and Profoto too! Oh and not forgetting the adorable Madam Yee and the folks from Choa Chu Kang Town Council.

Oh oh oh and the weather – even though it was hazy but thankfully it cleared up when we were almost done with the set up ready for outdoor basketball shoot!

Angie still super love the hiring a portable toilet idea cos she felt it was inconvenient for crews and members to walk few blocks away hunting for a toilet. One of the rare shoot that RPP has a portable toilet onsite. Hahaha!

If you’ve seen the posters via our Instagram (www.instagram.com/RaymondPhangPhotography) or our Facebook (www.fb.com/RaymondPhangPhotography) For the top poster, we have Riley in red holding on to the basketball about to dunk. He was actually jumping and literally flying on the trampoline. Not easy to work with a trampoline and do stunts at the same time, but Riley aced it well because he’s a good friend of the trampoline. He knows what tickles the trampoline, what makes it angry and how to press its button. Muwahahaha~ Dharshen and the rest had really good chemistry too so it was really easy for us to shoot. 😛

The bottom poster we have Regina and Gim Goh – one of our favourite talent. Their multiple expressions, professionalism and cooperation really make things extremely easy breezy for us. Regina and Gim were really singing their lungs out during the photoshoot session and had the whole block of residents (whatever that’s left of it) laughing till their teeth fell out. HAHAHAHA! They were super duper hilarious, and it’s these moments like these that made the photoshoot experience an unforgettable one.

As with all photoshoots, it is very important to work with like minded people to achieve that one common goal, otherwise it’s just gonna be hell and every second will feel like years. So we are very grateful that we have a bunch of beautiful peeps to work with us on this project and most thankful for the opportunity given.


BTS Video of Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Photography from Raymond Phang Photography on Vimeo.

Super sleek and cool video by the yummilicious creatives at XD Studios!

Photoshoot campaign by Raymond Phang Photography, for Singapore Kindness Movement.


Hao ba, till the next time, take care! 😀

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