I think it’s a little bit extremely too late to update this here cos we’ve been super busy, but we’re having a “studio warming” today (9 August 2009) at our new place, from 6pm onwards! We’ve put so much thought and effort and heart and soul and blood and sweat into the place, and we just feel like living there forever. 😀


Just a small little cosy place for us to bury our heads with work and dwell around. It’s pretty tough to live on our own, since there’s no one else to remind us to take a break or tell us when it is time for meals, time to drink water, time to shower, or to switch on the lights cos it’s getting too dark already etc.


When no one else is around, we’re like crazy machines rushing churning out works after works. Now we got to juggle this with housework too! Sweeping the floor (we don’t use vacuum), boiling water, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning dusts, taking out the rubbish etc etc. I think it’s good training to prepare for the future when we set up a family. =_=”


Anyway, our new place is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, SOHO 1 @ Central, #06-12, Singapore 059817. Do drop by today when you feel bored and need some fun/entertainment!! Raymond and I lost count of how many guests we’ve invited, and how many will turn up. We’ll see how it goes! I had fun digging very unhealthy tidbits out from the cupboard earlier on, putting them into containers, and displaying them on the kitchen island table top! Feels like Lunar New Year to me. Haha!


It’s a little troublesome getting around the place cos of security access issues, so if you’re turning up, do give us a call and we’ll grab you up yea? Alternatively you can intercom us at the entrance beside Burger King for access. Hopefully we’re able to catch some tails from the fireworks. Muwahahaha~


It’s a good time to meet new people and mingle around. And the good thing is, pets are allowed!! Toads, lizards, spiders, crabs, ants, snakes, goldfish, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats all can bring! I’m sure our mascot (Baileys) will be super happy tomorrow cos he can get to meet new buddies and play with them. Hehehe. Good night every one, and may all of us be blessed with good health and happiness. Happy birthday Singapore!

Cheers!! 🙂


Lots of ♥,