Are you a fan of prawn noodle? I’m not really a fan of prawn noodle, cos I don’t like the soup. It makes me feel thirsty every time I drink the soup. But I love prawns! So I got curious to try the prawn noodle from this particular hawker stall since I heard about them. So much rave!!

Introducing the SUMO BIG PRAWN NOODLE! The word Sumo already makes you think of something huge, and for this stall, it’s not just SUMO but SUMO BIG.

If you haven’t tried it, go check out SUMO Big Prawn Noodle located at Blk 628, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-72, Singapore 560628. Not sure about their opening hours, can hop on to their FB page at

Opened by a few youngsters (Desmond & Wifey plus business partner Jeffrey), they seemed really passionate about this. Even master chefs from famous Singapore restaurants agree that they are extremely knowledgeable and know what they are doing when Desmond did a live demonstration on how he cook his lobster/prawn noodle!

While queuing to place our order, we saw that they kept their lobster and crayfish in a sashimi chiller. Woah, sashimi chiller is not cheap and I think this the first time we seen anyone with a sashimi chiller in a hawker! I guess Desmond sure invests a lot to make sure he keeps all the ingredients and seafood as fresh as possible.

Raymond decided to try the $24.90 one with the lobster, while I decided I’ll just stick with the $8 one. If $24.90 is too much to pay, you can always try the “normal” big prawn noodle at $8. For $8, there were 3 sumo prawns, la la clams and fried belly pork. The serving for the $8 noodle was definitely generous, and the soup was super rich and gao. One look and you can see the color of it looks like that magic pot has been boiling for a very long time, with so much good stuffs inside! No MSG added (as what i’ve heard),  I don’t know what else was added inside the soup, but one sip and you can taste a very strong distinct flavor coming from the crustaceans, yet there’s this sweetness in the soup as well. A good blend of savory and sweetness leaves you wanting for more if you’re one who loves your soup with punch.

As for the yellow noodle, not like we are food connoisseur (we can’t even cook a decent Maggie Mee), I like that it doesn’t have this powdery texture and weird aftertaste. Prolly cos they studied on the best way to prep and cook the noodle.

Prawns wise, huge and confirm fresh, and my $8 bowl had too much clams I had to give Raymond my share while he waited for his to be ready. For the $24.90 bowl, be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes cos it takes time to cook. Here’s Raymond’s bowl of noodle taken with the phone. Totally forgot to take mine cos I was too eager to try it, and ended up gobbling down everything.

Famous Ang Mo Kio SUMO Big Prawn Noodles Singapore


When Raymond’s one was ready, he gave me some of his lobster. I’m not a fan of lobster either, but Raymond says it’s very sweet and fresh, and I could see there’s a lot of meat! We left our table feeling full and satisfied, and shun bian walked over to Fat Fat fruit stall to grab some fruits. Hahaha~ Very cute name so we decided to just patronize.

Oh, oh, I saw a little sign displayed near the Sumo prawn stall sashimi chiller something about their signature chilli, I don’t eat spicy stuff but heard it’s good. Raymond didn’t manage to try that too though he LOVES spicy stuffs, but if you’ve tried it before, let us know?

Oh, oh, again, while we were finishing up our food, we saw one of the guys shuttling through and fro between their stall and a hokkien prawn mee stall. Feeling curious (always so curious right….) we googled that Desmond has been working at his dad’s Yong Heng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee stall (located at the same hawker centre as Desmond’s Sumo Prawn Noodle) for more than 10 years before he started this. Ah, that explains why!

If you’re the group of people who feels that hawker prices should be kept within a certain price range, then you probably won’t agree with their pricing and might probably not even want to try. But how can you expect Lobster to sell at the $5-$10 range right? Hannor… I also say…

Anyways, was a good experience! And being a hawker is not easy, very hard work! Glad to see young people like Desmond, and hope they keep the passion burning! 😀

Feeling Prawnie,