Hello! Raymond Phang Photography has dumped the good old boring blogskin and changed to a spanking new one! Nothing major, just some minor changes. Besides the change of blogskin, we’ve also updated the profile picture to one which include Susu and Baileys in as well!

Raymond Phang Photography
BRAS – Baileys, Raymond, Angeline and Susu!!
We decided to take a short break from our work and editing in our studio, so we thought why not let’s take a picture together. Here’s just one of the image from the series which I’ll share with you guys on a seperate entry another time. Raymond acting like Superman gone wrong (where’s the inside out underwear??), I’m feeling all angsty for no reason (menopause maybe??), Baileys guarding his post (the toilet bowl), Susu all drunk and stoning (see the bottle of Baileys in her hand!).
The new blog has flexible width to maximise the viewing size of images unlike the old one which was maxed out at 500 pixels. I hope it doesnt take too long for the images to load, but the increment in image size means you can view the details more clearly now! Weeeeeee!! If you’d like to contact us, our details can be found at the tabs above in blue, and in future if there’s any latest news or updates, we’ll add in a new tab right there. 🙂


Next on, as I was browsing through Raymond Phang Photography’s Facebook Page, I chanced upon this Youtube Video. The title of the video “Elderly couple of 62 years plays piano” caught my attention. I rarely click on the videos posted by friends on Facebook because I thought it’ll take time loading, and I’ll have to spend time watching, which I could have used the waiting + watching time for work. But this one felt pretty worth the time waiting and watching, so I decided to check it out.
Here’s the video description – “An elderly couple walked into the Mayo clinic for a check up and spotted a piano. They have been married for 62 years, and he will be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance. We are only as old as we feel, it’s all attitude. Enjoy! They certainly do”

I thought it’s a super sweet video clip!! So sweet of the couple to play the piano together, and play it so well at this age! So sweet of them to be such a good sport for an impromptu performance! So sweet that the couple still feel for each other after 62 long years of marriage! So much zest and energy coming from them, to me it just felt like they’re only in their 20s or their courtship period!! In fact I felt so ashamed that even though I am not married and have not even walk through half the journey of a century, I already feel all old and tired and sickly!! Urgh!!

I do envy them a lot and feel really happy for them. Even though it’s 62 long years of marriage, they’re still so much in love with each other and the number of years being married to each other is really just a number. I would like to dedicate this video to all couples out there looking for their one true love, getting married, or already married, and I wish you love. 🙂



As promised, here’s something from a wedding shoot to share. Currently we have quite a few backlogs of images from weddings this year to share on the blog, so it’ll take quite a while before we go to the very recent works! Hehehe. The following are from Yikai and Fei Ling’s collection of ROM images to share. The couple engaged our service for both their ROM and Actual Day this year in January and May respectively. Their ROM was held at 1TwentySix at East Coast Parkway, Playground @ Big Splash. Pretty nice place for chill-out, with both indoor and outdoor area accommodating up to about a maximum of 250 guests. It’s a little bit more romantic in the evening when you get to enjoy the nice cooling sea breeze, but for the nature lover, you’ll get to enjoy the view of the the lush greenery. 🙂
Couples looking to source for venue for their solemnisation or wedding parties can visit the 1 Twenty Six website and contact them for further details.
And because my previous entries were all so long winded and wordy, I shall attempt to keep it short and sweet this time! Enjoy!! 🙂

Raymond Phang ROM Photographer

Raymond Phang wedding photographer

Raymond Phang - Kids

Raymond Phang - getting ready
Raymond Phang - Diamond engagement ring

Raymond Phang - getting ready

Raymond Phang - groom

Raymond Phang Photography - reception

Raymond Phang Photography - receptionist

Raymond Phang Photography - Groom getting ready

Raymond Phang Photography - candid moments

Raymond Phang Photography - bridal portrait

Raymond Phang Photography - Guests

Raymond Phang Photography - wedding couple getting ready

Raymond Phang Photography - getting ready

Raymond Phang Photography - engagement rings

Raymond Phang Photography - flower girl and page boy

Raymond Phang Photography - bride march in with daddy

Raymond Phang Photography - solemniser

Raymond Phang Photography - Solemnisation vows

Raymond Phang Photography - guests present capturing moments

Raymond Phang Photography - Rings exchange

Raymond Phang Photography - The Kiss

Raymond Phang Photography - casual outdoor photo shoot

Raymond Phang Photography - casual outdoor bridal shoot

Raymond Phang Photography - Outdoor casual shoot

Raymond Phang Photography - musicians

Raymond Phang Photography - wedding singers

Raymond Phang Photography- wedding cupcakes

Raymond Phang Photography - ROM luncheon

Raymond Phang Photography - bridal party

Raymond Phang Photography - wedding solemnisation portrait



Phew! I’ll share with you guys the images taken on their actual day wedding in May on a seperate entry. Their actual day wedding was planned by The Wedding Entourage with an Alice in Wonderland theme, amazingly decorated ballroom and a special item for their march in, so do check back for regular updates yea? Cheers!! 🙂
Lots of ♥,