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Bride and groom walk down aisle with blue and white balloons at bridal wedding photography in Singapore.
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John & Charis
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A beautiful bride in a wedding dress, captured in a creative photography style, sitting gracefully on a bed
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John & Cheryl 11
John & Cheryl 10
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John & Cheryl 7
John & Cheryl 6
John & Cheryl 5
John & Cheryl 4
John & Cheryl 3
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Actual Day Photographer and Actual Day Videographer Services Singapore

Capturing Life … As It Happens

Actual day photographer, wedding photography or videography in Singapore is not as simple as using your latest digital camera, GoPro or smartphone (no matter how much one phone company wants us to believe).

It takes someone with a lot of experience and a keen eye for detail to anticipate the moments that are about to happen in an environment of chaos.

Patiently and eagerly we would wait, quietly we would observe. We never know what is going to come since human behaviour can be quite unpredictable at times.

Whether it is an awkward squint on the face when you taste something you dislike for the very first time, that uncontainable excitement when the champagne starts gushing out from the bottle like a broken tap, or even the rare quiet and intimate moments shared between you and your family which is so real.

These are the things you might only get to experience on your wedding day. The only magical day where somehow the nexus of emotions flow naturally in a mysterious way.

The reward when we captured on frame that split second moment, would be the smile on your faces as you look at the photographs and pause to recollect the memories happening on that magical day with actual day photographer

Each and every one of us make a huge difference to your special day.

We believe that a special day deserves special attention, and also something special to remember. Not only for yourselves, but also for your dearest friends who are specially selected for special reasons to be part of the trusted wedding entourage. Besides the memories which would already be candidly encapsulated instils by our actual day photographer or actual day videographer, the inner artist in us are constantly on the lookout to create that something special, creative and unique for your wedding day.

We take the word “conventional” and tear it apart to create something unconventional for you. It is the thought and effort to travel that extra mile that sets us apart from the others.

This and also our specially prepared actual day wedding photography packages here in Singapore that takes away all your worries about not being able to remember the candid and lovely moments of the day.

Raymond Phang Photography provides the best actual day photographer and wedding photography experiences.

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