Best Pre-Wedding Photographer in Singapore

The best pre-wedding photographer in Singapore, Mr Raymond Phang, specialized in using his unique approach to helping couples capture their love and attention for one another.

This comes in the various ways:

Pre-Wedding Photographer – for the Bride

Specially catered to you who would love to have some photographs taken of that special moment before you officially become Man and Wife.

With a motto of having fun in mind, we want this session to be kept as candid and natural as possible.

Be yourself, do what you usually do, play around and probably steal a kiss or two.

Let this session be an opportunity to bring you back to the courtship days. Take a good moment to feel each other’s love, smell the perfume on her neck, and feel each other’s body warmth.

Relish in the moment that this is the person whom you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with.

Creative bridal photography of a bride and groom kissing on a bridge in Prague
Creative bridal photography in Singapore showcasing love and artistry
Bride and groom under autumn tree, wedding photography in Singapore.
pre wedding photography

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