Was looking through my entire SSD of photos (mentioned before that I’m someone who will look through all my photos every now and then) and decided to share this. A letter, or rather a note that I wrote to Santa 5 years back. -_-”

The content is as below;


5 years ago my handwriting so chui, maybe that’s why Santa Claus decided not to drop by. Or maybe because our place didn’t have a chimney, but I thought toilet bowl also worked fine right? Hahahahaha!!



Because we didn’t have any Christmas tree, I even made one! A small one! Come on, a handmade one vs one which is bought, which one shows more sincerity. Of course a handmade one! Not very pretty, but I am “artistic” like that. 😛




I even put fresh new pretty socks on the table! I didn’t have any nice plants to decorate, so I used the magnets and made them into tiny rings and placed them on the four socks. Why four socks? One for Bailey, one for Satin, one for Raymond and one for myself.


Oh well, maybe this kind of socks didn’t work. Need the real red color stockings.


Now too tired to try again already lah. What am I going to tell my kids in future? Santa claus is fake one lah, or do I get Raymond to eat aloooooooooooot till he grows a 50 inch waist so that he can fit nicely into the red Santa costume and pretend to be Santa?


If 5 years ago you put a candy inside my socks then I wouldn’t have such headache today already.

All your fault, Santa.




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