Here’s a few long overdue pictures to share! Taken with my dummy camera on 26 November 2009 when we brought Michelle out for some Ramen lovin’ during her visit to Singapore! We actually photographed their wedding in July last year, and the couple went over to Sydney since then cos Sam is an Australian and they’re currently based in Sydney. It was Susulini’s first time meeting Michelle, and even Susulini agrees that Michelle’s laughter is damn ultra infectious! You really gotta meet Michelle in person to get a taste of her infectious laughter! 🙂


For those who are keen to revisit Sam and Michelle’s actual day wedding images, click —>> Sam & Michelle’s Actual Day Wedding

or click on the following URL for access.


She went back to Aussie already, but thanks to Technology and the wonders of BBM, we’re still able to keep in touch! 🙂


I call this the 三朵金花. 3 stalks of gold flowers. Hahaha!


Then we placed the dummy camera somewhere to snap pictures of us all together!


Look at Susulini’s expression!! =_=


This one looks like some Adam’s Family quirky family portrait. Muwahahaha!! With Baileys’ censored PP!! Too bad Sam couldn’t join us in Singapore. I’m so looking forward to our next meeting (in Sydney hopefully!!)! Hope they’re doing well with their house shifting and painting! Must be very fun!! 🙂



Aother image to share from a pre-wedding done in November.


I heard Susulini will be blogging tonight! Kekeke…. Do keep a lookout for her entry k! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


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