Actual Day Photography – Why You Need To Talk It Out With Your Photographer

It’s your wedding day and everything looks perfect, just the way who have always dreamed it would be. You envisioned the glow you feel as you secure the last button of your wedding dress, the look of awe in your fiancĂ©’s face as he watches you walk down the aisle towards him, and the sound of cheers from your guests as you and your new husband share your first kiss as man and wife.

But instead of the glow, awe and the cheers, the pictures showed your back, your man’s silhouette, and a sea of indiscernible faces. Certainly not the type of actual day photography shots you want to paste on your wedding album.

It may sound downright impossible to show feelings and sounds in pictures, but the truth is it can be done. Your wedding photographs may feature emotions on that day, just the way it should be. But before you can have genuine passion printed in pictures, you need to have a serious talk with your photographer.

Actual day photography actually starts before the big day itself. Convey your ideas to the photographer days or even weeks before the wedding. Tell him how you want the shots to look like. It is just expected that the photographer has his own style in taking pictures, but it is also important that you express your ideas. He will certainly appreciate the input.

Talk to your photographer. You can ask what actual day photography shots he is planning to take and how he plans on taking them. Tell him how you envision your wedding to look like and how you want it remembered. He will need to see how you see the whole event so he can have an idea what actual day photography shots he needs to add.

You may have something in mind that you feel very important to be included in your wedding album. It can be a spontaneous shot of you and your girlfriends huddling together or even a seemingly innocuous shot of your veil. It may have a special meaning for you, and therefore is crucial to be included. Those are the pictures that convey genuine emotions.

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