We’re in the midst of clearing backlogs, and more upcoming shoots! This coming Saturday we’ll be seeing Ho Wei and Eileen for their actual day wedding. I’m pretty excited myself cos this means I’ll have new interesting images to look through, and I’ll get to see quite a few number of familiar faces on the pictures! 😀


Anyway, here’s a piece of good news to share! Raymond took part in The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s Q1 2009 contest, and he managed to get into the Top 20 Photographers!

Here’s the winning image which got into the 5th place for the Wedding Day or Engagement Portrait category.

AGWPJA Q1 2009

We have a lot of thank yous to give away to the couple for helping us produce such a wonderful image. Of course the biggest one goes to the couple themselves – Chye Tuan and Siang Yin, for being so patient and understanding with us on that day! Chye Tuan actually jumped a few times, and Siang Yin’s fringe kept getting blown messy by the wind. Thank God for not raining, but the sun was really naughty that day. It refused to show us it’s big round orange tummy! So we couldn’t do a lot of shots which we wanted to try out, which was quite a pity. But it’s ok, cos we managed to grab other nice images without the sun too! 😀


Raymond and I had a lot of fun shooting their pre-wedding, and we have quite a few images to share from that day’s shoot! Not forgetting a picture of my wrinkled mimosa face with a badly squashed weirdo bug on my finger. That darn Raymond had to take his handphone to snap a picture instead of helping me grab tissues for me to wipe off first, cos the process matters most, not the results. The bug was reeeeeeeeally disgusting, and it really freaked me out!  =_=”


We’ll share on Chye Tuan and Siang Yin’s wedding images once it’s ready! Not forgetting Richard and Wendy’s! Raymond is almost done tidying up Janet and Herman’s wedding, so I’ll be sharing some snippets from their wedding tomorrow in the late night. Hehe.


Tata! 😀


Lots of ♥,


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