Hello world! I’ve had my fill of Tang Yuan today! I had 3 with peanut fillings, and 2 with red bean paste fillings. So I’m 5 years older today, which is like 18 years old! YAY! Finally I can watch movies rated with M18. 😀

I think Raymond will puke out his Tang Yuan when he reads this. MUWAHAHAHA!

Okie, back to Aussie trip!


Snapped this picture of a Mr Marshmellow Man. Can you figure out where’s the eyes and the mouth?


Since Raymond’s parents have to eat Chinese food, we’ll always try to find places selling Chinese food. Chinese food there is really expensive! A bowl of plain white rice cost us $5 Aussie dollars! O_O”!


I’m having my Japanese Curry Chicken Bento set! I didn’t want to eat the KFC or Mad Jack (Burger King?), and other western stuff that day. So I went Jap!


So nice the packaging!


Got rice, got my favourite veggie – Mr Brocoli, FRUITS, and the Curry Cheeken! There’s even nice tau pok and disgusting carrots. I like my meal that day. I don’t really take spicy stuff, but Japanese curry is supposed to be not very spicy. This one was acceptable! Kinda miss it now… Hehehe.


Next we went off to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm! Uncle Phang looking at what? Spidey? Grapes?


Some plucking hints… No use also. Cos when we reached there, they said we’re not allowed to pick them. It was drizzling, and the entire field was muddy. Most importantly, it’s not the strawberry season. So sad! We picked the wrong period to visit Melbourne. I wanted to watch Super Gigantic Whales swimming up and down, but the Whale Watching period is in September. Oh well…


The Lovebirds. We ventured into the field for pictures only! Just to show that we were there. =_=”


A group photo!


Next we went to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens.


Mr Tin Man at the entrance welding a sword.
“You better make your way out of the maze before we close for the day! Or else… I’LL POKE YOUR INTESTINES & MAKE THEM INTO CHAR SIEW BAO!”

Snapped the water droplets. So cute!


We were in the maze already. Kept going the wrong direction, ended up getting a little lost.


But everyone was having so much fun.


“It feels good to get lost in the maze!”


As for me… I followed them like a blind sheep. Hey, that’s the jacket I wore. Very cute right? I bought it for $10, and it’s really nice to wear. Furthermore I thought since we didn’t bring our laptop along, it’s best that I wore this jacket cos I can still check my Inbox! Muwahahahaha! But I forgot to bring outbox, so couldn’t reply the many emails.


The flies there were such good models! They’ll settle themselves down quietly, not move any inch and let you snap at will.


If you’re still unable to find your way out, ask charlie! =_=”


The Lavenders…


Close up.


Gotta put your nose close to it to sniff~ But make sure you don’t sniff too hard, else the bee will fly into your nostrils.


The Papa & the Daughter.




Can you make out the character? It’s the name of the place.


Next we flew off to catch the Ferry.


Queenscliff – Sorrento Ferry. That’s why we missed the colorful beach huts!! Raymond wanted to stay there for a night, snap some nice pictures.. but we had to rush for the ferry.. Too bad..





Hey I didn’t drop those crumbs! Not me!


That’s how the inside of the Ferry looks like. We parked our car at the basement level, climbed the stairs and sat here. They sell snacks and drinks inside, and there’s also a toilet.


I was snapping pictures like this, then Raymond came along and snapped too. His version is nicer, so I post this one up instead of mine. My angle not wide enough. So sad.


I carried on snapping this. Like it abit. 😀


Then we risked our lives and went upstairs.


The wind was sooooo strong that I’d have flown away if I didn’t held on to the railings properly.


I’m also very grateful to my mum’s very heavy shoes. They made me feel a little more stable to walk around. They’re so heavy that without anything to hold on to, I was able to stand alone there for a picture.


More pictures!


Our ding dong snow caps. So farnie~


Oh no, not very flattering!


Reaching the jetty soon. No smoking~


Our one and only kissing picture! Very precious one. Kekeke. *Blush*


What’s the next destination that we’re gonna travel to? Is it gonna be scary? Filled with danger? Eeeeeewww… we’re so scared! Stay tuned for the next episode of Aussie Trip Part XYZ! 🙂


Tomorrow I’ll dig some pictures Raymond took for Evolve Mixed Martial Arts and share with you guys. Very cool, and we quite like how it turned out actually. Hehe. Can do a google search and have a look at their website if you’re interested in Muay Thai, or Jiu Jitsu kinda martial arts. Hehe. Byebye! 😀


Lots of ♥,


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