Actually we’re all back from Melbourne already. Too much stuffs to do, backlogs to clear, emails to reply, and a whole lot of people to meet. Plus the beginning of our kick boxing exercise, and my Yoga lesson, totally shagged out already. Luckily Belly Dancing postponed till next year January. LOL.


I think people nowadays really know how to keep fit, and maintain their figure and complexion. We met couples like Winna, Serena and his brothers – Clinton & Dylan, caught up with Jeslin & Guan Lim, and also with Jack. All of them never fail to shock us with their age!! My goodness! And I totally envy Clinton for having such a flawless and snowskin complexion! Yes, snowskin!! I wish I can have like half of his skin. If you need a grater or sandpaper, I can lend you my skin anytime. I guess Raymond and I need to pay some attention to ourselves already. Else we’ll look like 50 when we’re 30. 🙁


Melbourne is a pretty nice place, and you get to see a lot of hills and mountains and cows and sheeps and kangaroos and koalas. We hardly see any cars on the road after 5pm, and it’s really like a dead town in the evening. I bought some shoes, and the Timberland sale was really shiok!! 50% off, and on top of that, there’s a 10% rebate for Tourists, and an additional 10% rebate from the OCBC card. LOL. A few shops selling pretty heels, and I wish I can buy them all back, but unfortunately it’s not very cheap for that.


We didn’t take a lot of picture, and we totally missed the colorful huts by the beach at Mornington Peninsula! We were rushing to board the Ferry across the island, and didn’t have time to stop by for a quick photo. Throughout the many days of stay at Melbourne, we took like a thousand pictures, but 95% of the shots are pictures of Raymond’s parents. As for me, I brought my little camera along, and snapped all that I could see. Nothing nice, but just to document the area for my own parents to see how’s it like in Melbourne. Will share when we have the time. 🙂


Raymond is heading off to China this weekend, and will only be back on the 29th of November. Meanwhile I’ll be growing my roots in Singapore, juggling with the backlogs and emails, attending kick boxing and yoga alone, and not forgetting spending time on the piano. But feel free to give Raymond a call anytime! I’m sure he’ll be delighted to speak with you over the phone. Hehe.


This was taken at the Nobbies Centre in Melbourne. I ran out of silly faces to make, and so I decided to make a spastic face instead. I can’t do the sweet sweet kind of faces or smiles… I’ll have goosebumps just thinking of that. Hahaha!!


Alright, Mr Raymond Phang, please try your best to refrain from spending money in China and save them all up for the Hokkaido Trip next year with Jeslin & Guan Lim!! rainy days. Thank you berry berry much! 😛


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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