Behind the Scene: Filming & Making of Douglas & Charmaine’s conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot.

For those who have been asking, here is the Behind The Scenes footage of what happened during the Action-Packed, Tire-Burning, Car-Drifting, Butt-Baring, Award-Winning, Funtastical Conceptualised Pre-Wedding shoot of ‪#‎CharmDoug‬.

Special Thanks and Mention to :

XD Studios – Time and time again they never fail to wow us with their professionalism and creativity. Super fortunate that us bunches of mad bananas manage to spark it off so well at every session!! Love their filming angle, editing, down to the choice of muuuuuuusic. Thank you for sweating it out with us under the hot dusty sun and the dark lonely night. *slow clap and salute*

Monster Garage – For setting up Douglas’ car and getting the parts in record time.

Lester – For assisting and sacrificing one of the important part of his body. He actually injured his wrist so badly he had to attend accupuncture sessions, and certain activities requiring his wrists/hands such as *cough* are sadly limited.

Sulin – As with the edit for all conceptualised pre-wedding shoots, for sacrificing her brain cells, eye cells, finger cells, and every strand of hair on her head to work on the images. Except for this time she probably enjoyed a bit more cos have to stare at butt for long hours. HAHAHA!

Pam Lee & Desmond Mao – Hi guys! Thank you for allowing us to shoot at your crib! Hope we didn’t mess up the place too much.

Finally to Douglas and Charmaine for their trust, their patience, their cooperation, their love, their sacrifice!

Gowns By : Bridal Affairs
Make Up : Lynette Feng

Pump up the volume and watch in HD 😉


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