I have a picture to share from Raymond’s collection.

I know this is very evil of me, but this picture sure reminds me of Chucky the killer doll…

Image source: http://www.monsterislandtoys.com/

Aaaa… No, this one is too fierce, too evil, and too scary. Doesn’t even look like Chucky, but you get the drift if you’ve forgotten how Chucky looks like.


The picture of that little boy was taken when Raymond travelled to India for a photography assignment. I quite like it actually. The expression and everything else definitely speaks more than a thousand words. It looks like he has been through tons of tough times. I really wonder what would he say if he was able to communicate with Raymond verbally, in a language that both of them could understand.


He must have a lot to tell.


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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