Once in awhile we do receive enquiries and requests for graduation photoshoot session, and some of them would prefer a casual¬†shoot rather than a crazy one. ūüėõ

Here’s one which we shot very recently for Simone in Singapore. She just wanted something really simple to send to her mummy and also for keepsake. Kinda made us turn into gan jiong spider because we’re so used to¬†doing conceptualised photoshoots. Muwahahahaha~

But luckily for us we got to know Simone before the shoot through Chiropractic, so¬†the prior few¬†interaction¬†helps a lot especially when a¬†human relation and emotion¬†is involved¬†in the¬† shoot as compared to product shoots where the product will not¬†smile or say hello to you.¬†The product¬†doesn’t say ouch when you pinch it or cry when you kick it. Unless it’s a robot programmed to do so? Hmm…

Anyway, Simone is a person so easy to get along with (not to mention sweet, capable and pretty!) and the sunlight was gorgeous that morning. Plus Raymond and I had a good breakfast at a nearby Prata store, so that was also a good start to a good day too!

Here’s a quick sneak from the casual graduation photoshoot to share;


Casual Graduation Portrait by Raymond Phang - 2


Casual Graduation Portrait by Raymond Phang - 1


Casual Graduation Portrait by Raymond Phang - 3


For those interested in a casual graduation photoshoot, or a conceptualised graduation photoshoot, feel free to send your email to us at contactme @ raymondphang.com, or whatsapp/text us at 8 1 3 8 3 3 9 7.


Cheers! ūüôā


Lots of Love,

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