Heard (no time read papers, have time for News radio 93.8fm) that the global economy ain’t doing very well these few days. Strange that the thing I’m concerned about is the unemployment rate in the affected countries, rather than what’s gonna happen to us when the we kena jialat jialat. Because when unemployment rate goes up, a lot of social problems will happen. This in turn affects every other aspect of a country, the peoples’ lives, and many other things! Scary. ūüôĀ


That aside, here are some quick snapshots taken during one of the Mentorship session at Chinatown with Raymond’s mentor Mr Patrick Ee Hon Teck. All winners of the Singapore Young Photographer Award 2008 will be assigned to learn from a mentor for a 12 hours session, and the Chinatown session was Raymond’s second last one. This time, I tagged along as well. Initially I thought Uncle Patrick would mind, but turns out he seemed more than happy to share his knowledge with me! I had great fun exploring Chinatown, but unfortunately my¬†cannot-make-it¬†snapshots were no where near Raymond’s professional images. *Frowns*


Raymond was setting up his Tripod, but this picture looks like he’s trying to hit Uncle Patrick! LOL! Sorry ah, very blur because a certain somebody’s hands were sooooo not stable.


Uncle Patrick then asked us to try shooting this. He mentioned that the “Durians” are important, and he doesnt want to see so much of the sky.

And then he wanted Raymond to do different shots so that all the images can be stitched up to form a Panoramic view like this.

The Mentor and “Disciple” having a hearty chat.

Uncle Patrick! I shot this in the elevator when he was explaining things to Raymond. Uncle Patrick has like many many many years of experience!

That’s chameleon Raymond Phang!

Raymond said he enjoyed the session that night because the shoot doesn’t make him feel pressurised.


No idea why he said that… Maybe because he had such a wonderful “model” like me! Wahahaha!!

Able to cast everything aside, and heck care! Just make the stupid faces, and don’t care how other people see you.


Pack up, and ready to go!

Uncle Patrick having a little chat with Raymond.

Uncle Patrick jotting down on his calendar the next mentorship session with Raymond. Shot too much of Raymond already, so had to shine some light on Uncle Patrick.

Chirpy Uncle Patrick!


I think our future wedding photographers will love us to bits. Cos we are like the tak glam people, willing to sacrifice for good pictures, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Hahaha!

Busy week, busy with shoots and more shoots, busy meeting up with couples like Kash and Charlotte (Very tall and¬†good looking couple!), Anamika and Pradeepto (looking forward to your big day and thanks for trusting us to be your photographer!), Ei-leen and John’s wedding images to edit,¬†workstation to format… No time for exercise! Jialat. Raymond will be posting some stuffs on Ei-leen and John’s wedding pretty soon… I… think… Hahaha! Nights!


Lots of ‚ô•,

– Angeline