People who knows me know that I am a cake monster. I love cakes! Like if I were to have a conceptualised photoshoot done for myself, it’ll involve truckloads of pretty pretty cakes!!!!! Maybe a city of cakes, and I’ll be the evil looking and drooling cake monster with big big eyes, lots of freckles on the face, geeky specs, two pony tails wearing some oversized shoes, reaching out to one of the cakes and attempting to gobble it. And there’ll be lots of mini cakes like mini swiss rolls etc trying to run for their lives. :p

So, for my wedding, I didn’t have a real wedding cake because I will die finishing it myself (no, cakes are not for sharing! :p). So…. I made do with the dummy cake from the hotel. I had a lot of fun trying to cut it though. Hahahaha! There was a pre-cut slit there, but I just went all the way in to see how far can I cut through. Ooops! Hahaha!

And actually I had a sketch of how my wedding cake is going to be like already… but because of the reasons above, that didn’t went on as planned. It involved things like fish bowl, gold fish, some air pumps and electricity etc…. a bit complicating one, but it’s cool! Oh well, at least I still have the sketch in my metal tin box.

Knowing that I won’t really have any cakes to eat on my wedding day, Raymond already secretly pre-ordered some customised cupcakes and cake for me!!!! Which came like the day after the wedding, so I had ALL THE CAKES TO MYSELF. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures, snapped from the phone for the sake of having some memory cos I was more interested in eating. :p










There’s a total of 8 cutesy cupcakes and 4 plain ones, and the numbers represent something personal. Yeah, they’re all fondant icing on top, with cute cute patterns! I love cute cute stuffs! And erm… I love fondant too. Hehehehe…. Sweet I know, but I like.




And here’s cake number 1 – Finally married to you!




And cake number 2 – No more Thor & Tony Stark!

Muwahahahahaha!! Cos I like Thor and Tony Stark lah… Hahahahaha! Sorry color abit off, didn’t adjust.




TADAH! The entire presentation when the hotel staff wheeled it in!!

SO PWEEEEETY!!!! And the cakes were so heavy!!! Super duper heavy!!!! I gained like 5KG from the cake eating! :p

My wedding was memorable and special in its own ways… couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the help of our dearest friends who took on the role of xiong di/jiemei/coordinator, and also C&A for the pretty gowns, Sophia for the hair and makeup, Helen from Gioielli for the bespoke hairpiece, WS for pics, Yiewin and gang for Vids. It was a super busy and chaotic day no doubt, fun and exciting, but pity we didn’t have time to mingle and ketchup with friends and couples whom we haven’t seen for a long while. I guess that’s the only regret I have. Other than that, everything else was perfect. I’ll still take out the wedding photos to see every once awhile, especially when I’m culling other couples’ wedding photos. What about you? (:


Finally married,


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