As promised, here are some shots Raymond took for Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. Those interested in learning Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Street Self Defense, Fitness Training etc can visit their website at:


I tagged along for the shoot and carried the heavy equipments, be the guinea pig for position test shot, odd job worker move things from place to place, etc etc. Nonetheless it was really interesting to watch the instructors training so seriously, and also the fun loving side of them. I enjoyed observing one of the Muay Thai instructor whose name is Chatri, doing the Wai Khru Ram Muay, which is something like a Muay Thai pre-fight dance ritual. I learnt that the Muay Thai fighters have to perform the ritual before every bout, and I can tell you, it was so amazing watching Chatri doing the dance ritual, although I believe it was just a practise session. Recalling the then experience, I feel like a peeping Tom now. =_=”


He was on the floor in front of the mirror, in a sitted/kneeling position. He had his hands held somewhat like in a prayer position, back and forth his upper body bowed slowly, rhythmically, and gracefully.. The whole upper body touch the ground like paying a homage to the King, and then the body rises again. I don’t know how to explain, but it was really an unforgettable experience to be able to see it live right in front of my eyes, even though it was not performed for a real fight. But I believe the instructors give their best even during their personal practise/training sessions. Mind you, Chatri can speak really good English! Even better than Raymond and myself.


I made some “friends” there, and if ever Raymond and I have a chance to go Thailand, we’ll be sure to drop Neung an email first. Haha! He shared with me his stories, pictures of his pretty girlfriend (bet he must have missed her a lot), and even offered to show us around if he’s in Thailand. 😀


Alright, some pictures from the shoot!


The boxing gloves. I think red color is nice.



2 of the friendly Muay Thai instructors – Neung and Yoddecha.


Ouch! That punch must have hurt a lot! I think if I were in place of Neung in this fight, most probably we’ll be able to see some flying tooth action coming from my mouth. The kind where the tooth fly in the air, but will not drop onto the floor because the saliva is too thick & sticky. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  O_O”!


Oh by the way, they don’t make noises like “watah” during the fights. Only people like Raymond and I will do that. HAHA!


Time for a group shot! Love it love it!


They all look so fit and cool right? 😀


The instructors Ben and Judd in a fighting cage, showing us lots of stunts and techniques for submission grappling and martial arts etc.


Fuwah! Take a look at this! I’m sure the activities will burn lots of calories away, because after a short round, the instructors were perspiring a lot. Raymond and I will have 3 buckets full if we have a personal fight like this. And then I’ll force my 3 buckets down his throat to end our personal fight and emerge as the ultimate winner. 😛


Alright, that’s all to share. We took more pictures of the interior etc, but here’s the action pack ones. Hehe. Hope it’ll interest more people to take up activities and exercises to spice up your lives! Gotta go back to work now! Burning Alvin and Angela’s DVDs now. Hehe. Bye! 😀



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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