The Food Photographer As An Artist

A food photographer is a still-life painter with a camera instead of a brush and paints. You will need to hire this kind of specialized photographer for commercial-grade photographs that you want to use for advertising, for printing in cookbooks and menus, and for food packaging.

The Food Photographer In A Shooting Session

The photographs of food are made in an intense shooting session. Here you will see the photographer at work with a food stylist, the property man, and the art director. The still-life food photograph is created by a time consuming method of shooting the food in various arrangements with its props, its background setting, different kinds of controlled lighting, and a range of angles and focusing of the camera.

Many test shots are made in the process. The session continues until the perfect composition is achieved. The mouthwatering food that you see in the final picture is a product of many hours of work. The span of work in the making of a food photograph starts with the purchase of food, on to the styling tricks, the compositional shots, the technical experiments with the photographic equipment, the experiment with various props, and on to the post-production work with the actual photograph.

Artistic Techniques Of The Food Photographer

A food photographer will use the elements of artistic composition to achieve the best looking food photograph for you. Observe a favorite picture of food. Look closely. Chances are you will notice the suggestive use of texture, color, pattern, shape and line to make the eye focus on the food. All these design elements are used to the advantage of making the food look so deliciously good.

He will also have all the technical knowledge of the seasoned photographer. Be assured that the pros know how to handle all that complicated equipment so that you won’t have to worry about depth of field or focus or f-stops. Let the pros handle it!

If you want your photos to have that artistic and creative touch of commercial photography, hire professional photographers to do it for you. With all their years of experience in the industry and with all the tricks of the trade under their belt from taking food photographs, you surely won’t be disappointed.

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