Yesterday we met up with Vincent and Ann at West Coast MacDonald’s. Very funny couple! Vincent kept insisting that Ann is actually 2 years older than him, when that’s not the truth, as insisted by Ann. Hahaha. And when Raymond shared with them an idea of his, Vincent asked us not to share anymore ideas because the ideas will cause the hole in his pocket to grow bigger and bigger. =p


Anyway, Ann has a really good complexion! It’s no wonder she’s an air stewardess from SIA. And guess what, Vincent is a Pilot!! Wow, all the interesting occupation. Hmm… I wonder whether the 10 brothers and 10 sisters are working in the same line or not. Then Vincent was telling us how his gang of brothers and him are going to la kopi at the coffee shop and have prata if the sisters still refuse to let them in during the gate crashing. Make the sisters negotiate with them, ask for lesser ang pow money to make the brothers come back instead. Muahahaha!


In the midst of the meet up, Guan Lim called. Such a coincidence that I was just thinking of their Wedding the previous day, and then on the next day he called. Haha! We’ll be meeting up on the 30 September to discuss the schedule. Quite excited! Hope they are all set and ready for the big day! =)


Alright, here are some not nice pictures of Raymond during a corporate shoot.

Going up on the forklift, trying to grab angles of the exterior building. Dangerous!!

Just look at his expression. When he was done with the angle, he asked the driver to bring him down. But the driver heard wrongly, or accidentally pressed wrong button, lowered the bars forward instead of lowering it straight down. Luckily Raymond did grab hold of whatever he could grab hold of, else we can all claim insurance already. Accident at work. Hahaha.

Scared until pee in pants, so must drink water to replenish the lost fluid.

Every shoot involves a lot of sweat and tears.

Sweat is because the place was really warm and humid, and the weather that day was burning hot. Oh by the way, if there’s any person whom you dislike, go get a pair of Camel Active shoes and step on their toes. Try it, it’ll hurt like hell! That’s where the tears come…

Test shot.

Way up high on the fork lift again. It’s much safer this time round.

Ooops!! Undies exposed!! O_O”. Raymond must have been slogging too hard already, until the jeans became so loose. Awww…

Still can smile so happily at the camera! Hahahaha!! Bet when he sees his “Edison Chen” exposed undies picture, I don’t think he’s able to smile anymore… =p

That’s stylo Ivan passing the camera to Raymond. He always dress up very stylo-ish whenever I see him around.

It was actually raining cats and dogs in the morning. But the moment we reached the place, the rain stopped miraculously! 3 times already.

Remember I saw a mouse trap?? This is the one!! First time I saw one right before my eyes.

Poor mousey, feeling super terrified and helpless. I was soooo tempted to let it go!! But Raymond said I cannot do that… =\

The Set up.

This is the inside of the Monstrous container truck. I hit my butt against the metal thing and I realised I need more calcium else I might be buttless the next time such things happen.

The inside.

Ivan’s sexy legs. Hahaha. Raymond said “you think you’re shooting wedding ah?” Muwahahaha.

They like this picture cos the reflection is pretty. But I made it so dark and sinister, it doesnt look pretty anymore.


Hmm… Alright, enough of the corporate shoots! I want to share some stuffs that I personally like! =D

Mr Swirly! Raymond shot this at Botanic Gardens during one of the Mentorship session with Uncle Patrick.

I thought this looked pretty disgusting. The red color plant…

PRETTY CAKES!!! Wow, the cakes in Japan are soooo delicate and pretty!! How to eat?? I haven’t been to Japan, but Raymond snapped this for me during his Osaka trip. I think I’ll go crazy if I were there. Japan must be the land of Cutsey stuffs!

WOW! FOOD!! This looks like our local Satay, but I wonder how’s the real flavour like. Hmm..

Some little fishies poked through sticks, and grilled.

I thought this particular doll looked really funny with the fishball eyes and pork bun ears. Hahaha. This is from China.

Cutsey stuff from Japan again!

Alright, end of sharing for now. More next time! =)


Lots of ♥,


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