Happy moo year everyone!! I spent quite some time doing spring cleaning, and end up non of my relatives went into my room. So cool. Should have just left everything alone, and locked the door. Easy peasy. LOL!!


CNY feels somewhat different to me this year. Probably because there’s a lot of work to do, backlogs to clear, and a whole lot of other stuffs on my mind too. Raymond and I are so stressed up that unknowingly we’re clenching our jaws so tightly when we’re sleeping, until we somehow subconsciously know what we’re doing and we wake up. The other day I even bit my lips till it bled a little in my sleep. It’s the first time such things happen to me. Find it kind of amazing that I knew what happened and I had to wake up, even though I was already in dreamland.


So for the CNY this year, all I wanted was for the days of visiting to pass quickly. Only then I’ll have time to do work properly. In fact the whole idea of visiting relatives and “bai nian” feels like a chore to me this year, which is really very sad. Sigh. I hope next year we’ll have ample of time before CNY to finish clearing all our backlogs so that we can properly enjoy the festive season. Hook pinkies ok? 🙂


This is my messy room. I hardly have time to clear/clean, since most of the time I’m at Raymond’s busying with work. Tsk. Bet if Guan lim is reading this, he might be rolling his eyes since he thought I have a lot of free time on hands watching MTV Channel 51. Muwahahahaha! Listen to songs only okay, don’t anyhow anyhow say. =p


I think this red Prawn Candy is already extinct right!? I used to eat it when I was very young! But I cannot remember how it tastes like anymore. Best thing is, when I quickly snapped a picture of it, i actually forgot to keep the candy to eat!


Naughty 6 years old from Raymond’s line of relatives.


Time for a quick picture!


Raymond with the 5 months old baby. It was my first time carrying a baby. My goodness. It feels like carrying a gigantic piece of marshmellow cos they are so soft! Their fingers and nails are so tiny, but when they start grabbing things, it seems like they’re using all their might and energy to hold onto it. They’re so strong! Sometimes they’ll laugh and smile suddenly, so I always wonder what’s on their mind. Hmm…


I can’t wait for our beloved couple G & J to have one!! Hiak hiak hiak hiak!! Then instead of playing Wii at their place, we can play with the giant “Marshmellow”!! Muwahahaha! Luckily Raymond and I wished them “zao sheng gui zi”, “tian ding zhi xi”, “feng zi cheng hun”, and everything applicable for having kids. Hehehe! Thanks for having us over! Everytime when it comes to eating, I’ll forget about snapping pictures, so end up we don’t have any pictures of our gatherings! Hmm… Ok, exercise soon! =p


Lots of ♥,


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