1. Fans of the lovable lazy egg, the wait is over!

Singapore’s Gudetama Cafe finally opens on 30 November 2016 at Suntec City! Taking up a massive 2,300 square feet space with 112 seaters, I thought it’ll be a good place to hold private events such as birthday celebrations. So i asked the staff if they are open to private booking, but they say noooooo~ πŸ™

For those who don’t know, Gudetama is one of the cutesy character from sanrio. While you’re suckered to contribute to the snaking queue for a table, you can watch the Gudetama cartoon on tv at the queue area. We queued for like 15-20 minutes? The Gudetama song is like infused into our skin already cos it keeps playing over and over and over again. Hahaha~”Gude” simply means someone or something with no energy/strength, and “tama” means egg in Japanese. I know the “tama” word sounds like the vulgarity that we all know, but it’s not. Don’t anyhow anyhow ah~

Stepping into the cafe, you’ll notice all the cutesy detail in terms of the decor like the egg shaped booths and chairs, waffle in the ceiling, there’s also a fountain and a statue/figurine thingy like ζ‹›θ΄’ηŒ« lidat welcoming you to their place. Ok, next time will remember to take photos. For now, just use your imagination can already. Luckily the wait for our food didn’t take too long, if not we’d have to gobble the chairs and then ask for a ladder to climb up the ceiling so that we can munch on the waffle. Hahaha~

While queueing, and if you’re next to go in, the server will take your order. Unfortunately the signature dishes are already sold out! Sigh!! No choice, we ordered the Rib-“i” Dont Care ($28.50) which is a 200g chargrilled NZ prime Angus ribeye steak and the Big “Nua” breakfast ($25.90).

Actually when you see the menu you feel like ordering everything cos they’re all so cute! It’s no wonder cos the menu was a special collaboration with food stylist Little Miss Bento (Shirley Wong) to craft out something soooooo visually appealing and instagram worthy! We don’t usually take photos of our food but for this, we had to. :p

While waiting for food, Raymond had a mini bonding session with Enen! It can’t be seen clearly here but her t shirt says “I love Daddy”. -___-“


US HUMANS ARE EATING THE ADORABLE LAZY EGG! Raymond says it’s a little sadistic… =\

Enen rarely sees Daddy at home, sometimes she calls me both mama and papa. -.-“

Oh this was the drinks we ordered – the iced tea coolers ($8.50) – lychee and strawberry. Hmm.. drinks very standard, just remember to stir ok! Otherwise very sweet. T_T

Raymond was too hungry he started gobbling the steak before photos. So.. the steak photo here is abit off. He tried to cover his tracks by bua-ing the creamy wild mushroom sauce all over but fail miserably. The yellow ball on top is actually mashed potatoes, and at the side are the grilled veggies. Not too bad, was quite surprised that the steak is quite flavourful! Quite juicy! Quite tender! Doneness was good! In fact all was good, except for the fact that it’s too salty. πŸ™

And here’s my brekkies! There’s bacon, spicy pork bratwurst, two sunny side up eggs (they didn’t ask if i prefer scrambled or omelette etc), mini hash brown, baked beans in the white egg case (business must be too good, wash until the ink on the case is almost gone), toasted brioche plus some greens on the side with the dressing. My food was good, can’t go wrong with brekkies i guess. I gave the fatty bacon to Raymond because since I cannot make myself skinny, i gotta make him fatty. Hahahahaha!

After our mains, Raymond being the one with the sweet tooth and separate compartment for desserts decided to order some sweets.

At Raymond Phang Photography, desserts are not meant to be sharedΒ but this time round we got the Shoyu Ramen set ($21.90) to share only because I’m on a diet.


I’m a sucker for amazing looking desserts! Imagine my delight when the shoyu ramen set was served! It’s actually chocolate mousse cake with feuilletine, chestnut mont blanc, earl grey jelly and orange tuile and that cold toufu imposter? That’s actually panna cotta!! I think! HAHAHA! What’s in the little pot? Rose tea. BRILLIANT set!


Erm, just that the texture of the ramen is on the dry side and it’s rather hard to eat with the black spoon. =\

So what’s our conclusion? Price tag is on the high side, cuteness level definitely there, food is ok (maybe cos they just opened, so still tweaking since they asked for our feedback upon payment). Will we return again? Probably few months later when they’re more settled? Cos Raymond want to try their signature dishes. Haha!

We don’t head out often to eat and this kinda places, so will try to share if we’re at some interesting cafes or restaurants!

Oh all the photos here are taken with the iPhone 7 plus portrait mode. I was just testing around… not a pro so don’t judge hor!

In case you need the address to Gudetama Cafe;

Gudetama Cafe Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-361 (West Wing, near Suntec City Convention side)
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 10pm (Fri – Sun) Last Order 9:30pm

And this is not a sponsored post in case some of you are wondering. -_-”

I’m bugging Ray to try the pompompurin cafe next though. πŸ˜›




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