Pregnancy does saps away some energy without you knowing it. Most forums and mummies said the pregnancy glow and energy burst will come at second trimester. Appetite will increase, cravings will come and you’ll feel more like a human again. I’m still waiting to catch my wave, but erm… so far not here yet. -_-”

And for the first time in my life I experienced heartburn. OMG. Feels damn terrible, and I don’t have Gaviscon, don’t want to depend on Gaviscon too. Moreover I’m only at my early second trimester! What’ll happen if it gets worse in third trimester and Gaviscon doesn’t work anymore? So… have to bear with it for now.

I’ve also tried vegan food at this restaurant called SuFood at Raffles City which I would never ever have considered pre-pregnancy, but this kiddo is here to collect my health debts from me. I’ve been eating too much fast food/fried food/junk food/oily food/unhealthy food/creams etc, etc, etc until health has taken a toll on my body. So now, I can’t stomach all those food now, magically. It’s like my body is not mine anymore. I can only eat vegetables and fruits which I rarely touch pre-pregnancy…. To think it positively, also good lah. Get my health back together, give the kiddo whatever nutrients he/she needs to grow healthily. Win-win situation. -_-”

Two/three nights ago I’ve also been feeling “kicks”! It’s like a pulse, but much stronger, and momentarily only at one spot when it happens. For example in the morning when I experience the kick, it can be at the left side. Maybe at night, right side. There’s no specific area, and it’s confined to some particular spots. I thought it could be my stomach growling or something but after experiencing it for a few times when I’m totally not hungry at all, not passing any gasses etc, I think it’s kicks. Seems like this baby is quite active. Or maybe because it’s asking me to sleep since recently we’ve been sleeping only at about 3-4am. Hehehe…

The “morning sickness” seemed to have gone down a little bit more than before, but I still puke although not as frequently.

The bloated feeling is terrible, getting more terrible though. I used to be able to eat like three servings of 2 slices of bread with cheese and omelette. That makes it 6 slices!! Now, eat 2 slice, damn bloated already. Yesterday I had Pasta with meatball at IKEA. Jialat, my tastebuds machiam on steroids. Tasted the meatballs to be damn sweet. And I couldn’t finish my pasta… Last time can finish one whole plate and another plate of meatballs plus chicken wings plus desserts. I can even eat the yummy IKEA curry puff…. but took a tiny bite of the crust yesterday and hated the aftertaste. Damn salty and the aftertaste doesn’t go away no matter how much water I drank. It’s that bad. BUT, if I eat salad, vegetarian food etc, no such problem. See what I mean? -_-”

Let’s see what other new pattern I’ll experience next week.

Anyway, I’ve also been wondering how’s it like to travel with an infant, or what’s a suitable age for infants to travel? 6 months old after all the monthly jabs ok? Will they be able to withstand the pressure in the ears when the plane takes off? Will they cry throughout the journey and disturb other passengers from resting especially if it’s going to be a long haul flight? Will the mummy be too tired as well? Any health issues etc etc.

And how’s an infant like when he or she is 6 months old? Will sleep a lot? Quite active? Able to smile and frown and show expressions etc? Sensitive to light? Motion sickness etc if we do long distance road trip?

I can’t wait to travel again.

Pictures below taken with iPhone years back when I cleverly forgot to bring my camera battery. HAHAHA!

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -03

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -02

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -09

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -01

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -07Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -06

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -05

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -08

Raymond Phang in New Zealand 2011 -04

Let’s see how it goes!!! Get through the pregnancy first, familiarise with the kiddo’s pattern first…. then take the plunge and panic later. :p



Wanderlusting fatty,

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