Weeee! Second day of the shoot for sports council. Raymond’s skin is now burnt like the color of a BBQ tomato. So dark and brown and crispy. Few days later, his skin will be like a reptile, slowly peeling and peeling. Then our dog will have lots of “takopachi” to eat already. O_O”


Here’s the pics from second day of shoot! Enjoy!


Cycling is one of my favourite activity! No climbing of mountains pleaseeee. But Raymond will be sure to drag me along if we have the time for mountain climbing.





Warm up.


Wah I love her expression!


And his expression!




Bet he’s very good with doing the Limbo Rock!






I think he jumps like a kangaroo!



I like.


I like too!






I forgot what is this called, but this is one of the section I dislike most during my PE days in school.


Running wrong direction already? Quite amusing to me cos of the arrow direction.





Do stretching also so happy.














Muwahahaha. So interesting!





I like this one too!



And this!!












That’s all! It’s only after looking through this series of photographs that I realise that sports and games are such fun things to do! See how much they enjoyed themselves in these photos! Besides maths and economics, the next subject I dread most during my school days is PE – Physical Education. YUCKS!! I don’t know why I dislike it so much then. Maybe because the teachers always made us run and do yucky things which I can never do, such as sit ups. 🙁


If only PE was more on sports and games like these. Then I’m sure I’d have enjoyed all my PE lessons.


Alright, got to go! Byebye! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


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