Some pictures to share! Keeps our dear readers entertained while Raymond and I slog our ass off. Oops, so crude. 😛 I guess we ought to be thankful that we had 4 hours of sleep last night. I can imagine our friends and relatives patting our heads when we go visiting (not sure if we have the time to!) because with the dark eye circle, we look as cute as the Pandas… If not… CUTER! =_=”


This is Eleanor. Raymond’s nai-ma’s (nanny) hmm.. grand daughter or something. I forgot! 🙁


I think she looks pretty sweet. 🙂




I like this. Someshow this angle of her reminds me of the Hong Kong actress “Li Zhi”.



E for Eleanor!



One of my personal favourite too! 😀


Must not only drink more, but must eat more too!






That’s 15 pictures I picked to blog. 🙂


Now for something Raymond shot for Singapore Sports Council for the winners.



I find this one a little funny because I don’t understand why the coach has to put his hands there, since I don’t know how to swim anyway. Wahahaha!


This is the lifeguard!





Swimming must be one of the most taxing exercise… Scaaary..


Ping Pong!! I can never hit the ping pong ball with the bat! I don’t know why… I have no problem with badminton though.


Maybe this coach can tell me why. But unfortunately I wasn’t there during the shoot. Stuck with tons of photos and admin work to do.  Otherwise I would have asked him a lot of questions.  🙁


I’m sure we can exchange a lot of pointers, and I can even flash him my trademark Ping Pong cheeks as a return for his time!


I think he’ll be really happy, since it’s ping pong related anyway. Hehehe.


I believe this is the Wushu section already.


He look so young and promising!


Give me 4 dollars or I’ll punch you in the face.


Give me 5 dollars or I’ll poke you with my sword. Muwahahahaha! I cannot stop laughing at my captions! 😛




Here’s the Bowling coach and he look so chummy with the students.


I’ve never tried bowling before, except for the Bowling game on Wii at Guan and Jes’ place. =_=”


Basketball was one of the sports I personally dislike. First of all, the ball is too big for my hands. Secondly, I’m too short for the game. =__=”!!



I like this picture!! Because it looks like the Basketball Coach is being photoshopped in, but it’s not!! 😀


Fencing coach. I used to like fencing, even though I’ve not tried it before.


Reminds me of knight in shinning armour.


Taekwondo! So cool!


I love this picture too!! The coach looked soooo serious and charming. =X


When will we have the time to take up all these sports and activities?? 🙁


Raymond is out for shoot again, and it’s for the Sports council winners too. There’s a total of 60 winners I think. He’ll be so totally exhausted today. Byebye! 🙂


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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