Aloooooohaaaa!! How have you guys been doing lately? Missing some of our Actual Day wedding photography works? Kekeke. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the seventh month is coming really soon, on the 17th of August. Definitely not the wedding season since most Chinese prefer to “play safe” than to be sorry if anything happens, other than the westernised Chinese or the Christians.

So what have we been busy with since it’s the Seventh month which is also commonly referred to as the Hungry Ghost Festival? We have a number of conceptualised pre-wedding editing to work on, upcoming hotel shows to plan, some commercial photoshoots here and there, brewing some plans for Year 2013 and hopefully able to squeeze in a trip to New Zealand again next year in April. 🙂

Ah, just realised that non of the above I typed are related to my own wedding. About 4-5 months to go.

*Sits at one corner with eyes half closed and starts to drool*

A few of our closer couples have been really really nice, sharing with me contacts on designers because I don’t really want to wear a wedding dress for my wedding. I’m hoping for something unconventional, and the local wedding gown designers like Ted Wu, Amanda Lee, Tan Yoong, Vaughn Tan and even overseas designers such as Vera Wang, Amanda Wakeley or David Fielden are more than capable to produce beautiful and stunning creations! But I am pretty sure that I’ll not be able to do any justice to their designs with the kind of personality that I carry, so I’ll have to give them up.

I guess we will just have see how it goes, and probably leave the preparation to the last minute. Hahaha!

My wedding aside, here’s a set of actual day wedding images from Kai and Jen’s wedding taken by Raymond Phang to share. Kai and Jen owns an apparel business called Lemon Chiffon. If you’re a person who enjoys shopping for clothings and accessories, do drop by their shop at Serangoon Gardens and take a look! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J01

Something different at this wedding, Raymond shot an image of granny through the fish tank! A timely shot with the goldfish swimming around and granny smiling. Hehehe. 🙂

There’s something I like about this wedding because what I see is a wedding where the old folks really enjoy themselves. You’ll find out why later when you scroll down to the images at the bottom.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J02

Lots and lots of Kai and Jen’s love stories and adventures all over Jen’s room.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J03

Hey, I love Lilo and Stitch too!! 😀


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J04

That’s Jen having her makeup done. Er… the one seated on the chair, backfacing the camera.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J05

Bet every little girl loves to doll up!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J06

And finally here’s the bride! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J07

Big goldfish and small goldfish. SO CUTE SO CURIOUS!!! 😀


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J08

Then there’s the doggie enjoying a good belly rub and doing a little sunbathing.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J09

Kai and his band of brothers.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J10

I still remember when Susu saw the image on the right, she was reading “兔死金牌”.  -_______-”


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J11

Green color themed gate crashing items and decors.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J12


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J13

One of my favourite image. Hahahahaha!! Kai looked really cute here!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J14

So the boys were supposed to dance to this Korean MTV as part of the gatecrashing game! Korean songs are really catchy, and recently there’s this Korean MTV GANGNAM STYLE by PSY going viral on the Internet! Muwahahahaha! Have you watched it already? Raymond was saying that will be the gatecrashing trend for the rest of the year. I personally quite like the Hongdae style better which is a spoof version of the gangnam style. If you have about 10 minutes of life to waste, feel free to do a Youtube search for the two videos. :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J15

Signature motion wedding car shots by Raymond Phang.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J16

Can any make up artist advise whether it’s better to blot away the facial oil using a facial blotter? Or dab away the oil using tissue paper?


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J17

Happy happy tea ceremony. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J18

After heading back to bride’s home, the couple left for Furama hotel where they’ll be having their wedding dinner banquet as well as solemnization.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J19

Take a look at their ring pillow! So cute! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J20

While waiting for the makeup artist/stylist to doll up the mums, Jen was going around with the iPad and snapping pictures of her parents using the Photobooth app.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J21

Some detail shots at the reception. I like the giant cap hanging on the tree on the left hand side. I Love You = I 老虎 You. LOL!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J22

Interesting picture of the folks hanging around.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J23

The start of why I like this wedding. Normally the old folks won’t really sign the guestbook. Either because they are illiterate, their deteriorating eyesight makes it hard for them to see, or their hands are shaking so badly they can’t hold a pen properly. For this wedding, the folks managed to jot some well wishes.

Blessings from the elders are meaningful because their well wishes comes with sincerity. Some people actually write well wishes for the sake of writing something, you know?

In order for someone to bless someone, that person must first feel it inside their heart and really mean it. The old folks have lived a life long enough to understand that life is too short to bear grudges. For one to be happy, one have to let go, let live, forgive and forget. Wishes and blessings from the elders are words of wisdom, sincere and truthful. They have nothing to offer except for their life experiences, which is something that money cannot buy.

This group of old folks that I’m talking about are those that bother to talk to you, shake your hands, look you in the eye, sign your guestbook, or even take time to write a little note for you or if they are unable to, they will get someone to write on their behalf. Not the group where they complain non stop about the aircon, the bride’s fatty arms and ugly gown, the time wasting montage and they care about nothing else but the food and when is the whole event going to end. So if you receive any well wishes or handwritten notes by the old folks, cherish it!! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J24


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J25

March innnnnnnnnn!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J26

Happy faces~


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J27

More happy faces of the elders!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J28

Even granny also smile until so happily! It’s really really quite a challenge to get any reaction out of the elder folks, especially for them to smile or even laugh.

I guess the main reason would be their traditional and strict upbringing, hence they tend to be very serious and non affectionate. So everytime we manage to capture images of elder folks smiling happily, it’s another form of satisfaction for us! Raymond would need to observe the elder folks’ reaction for the entire day, take mental note of what are the things that makes them smile, camp around, anticipate and wait for the right moment to come.

The satisfaction is so great when we get comments from our couples that they are amazed at how we managed to capture a great shot because in XX years of their life they have never seen their dad (especially) or granny smile so happily before. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J29

Now now, told you this wedding is different! Hahahaha! The folks having their own yum seng, drinking red wine!!! Oh my goodness, they are really happening, I like! 😀


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J30

A quick portrait shot of the super lovely couple. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - K&J31

And a quick candid shot of Jen’s parents taken during the day. I choose to share this image as the ending image instead of the beginning part because I want to take this opportunity to leave a quick message for Kai and Jen;


Stay as happy as your parents, be very much or even much more in love with each other than ever before, remember the special day when you look into each other’s eyes with the wedding ring in hand, remember your wedding vows and lifelong committment to take care of each other for better or for worse. Life will keep on throwing Lemon and Banana Skin at you, and on some good days Life might give you Peking Duck or maybe even Nasi Lemak! And if those days of Lemon and Banana Skin ever come, stay strong, be there for each other through thick and thin okie?

You guys make an awesome pair together and we would love to take a beautiful photo for you when your children are all grown up and ready to get married. Just like the one we took for your parents. 🙂

Take care! 🙂


Lots of Love,


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