Hi guys! We are updating live over from Sydney! Weather’s been pretty cold here and just to share Koh & Ting yin’s wedding which we covered couple of months back. (Massive back log hence the late blogging updates recently. Haha) They came to us about 1 year before which makes us friends for almost one and a half years.

Here’s Ting Yin!


And that’s Ting Yin’s brother in the mirror!


They had a purple theme wedding and one of the sisters gamely bought down a purple scarf together with a purple wig! Well done!


Loved this picture because you can see plenty of action and plenty of things at different layer thru-out the room!


Ting Yin’s father!


Finishing touches done and Raymond can’t resist sneaking a peek to appear in the picture. Muwahaha


That’s Koh and his merry men.


Voting to see who gets the best pose…..


And obviously the groom gets the winning pose!


Open up open up!


The boys had a hard time with dances and singing and the earlier yoga poses.


Contract signing!


With thumb imprinement! O_O


Finally a winning kiss from the queen!




A quickie in the lift lobby before getting home.



As usual, Raymond’s car shots are in my favorite list


Very cool rims!


Still having plenty of fun with the wig. Haha.


The classic Singaporean flower toss where nobody wants the flower. Haha.


daddy & mummy


Feels like some old school make up artist studio with the lightbulbs all round the mirror! Haha.


Half eaten dinner for bride and groom. I think if is Raymond and I there won’t be any left overs at all. Haha.


Raymond the botak again stealing the limelight again. Haha.


Love the silhouette of dad teaching his kid how to walk. Sort of heart warming and touching at the same time.


The charming Ting yin and suave Koh, both getting ready for solemnization.


Winking and laughing to her friends that she finally has a ring on her finger! Haha. Ting yin’s such a sweet heart.


Reality finally sets in and Ting yin can’t believe she is really getting married to koh as memories of their past and present and even future sets in. Really love to see couples during the ceremony as the most exchange of emotions take place.


Band of brothers


Reception @ Legends – Fort canning




Why are all these girls crazy over me!?”

Must be someone farted and went away and left this uncle to smell. Wahahaha.


This looks like Koh is digging his nose! But is actually scratching the side la. Raymond’s so naughty to capture that! Haha.


Bubbles, confetti and everything else!


Food for everybody!


“Let me teach you how to eat noodles! Haha!”


“Second march in this time round I must hit their faces with this tube….”


Rock on man! You guys are amazingly fun!


The champagne bottle cork popped unexpectedly. Haha.


Koh’s band of brothers really worked hard at the yum seng toast. Raymond came back with one ear deaf. Haha.


Lotsa hugs and kisses from their friends and buddies. Some really touching moments here and there which really brings the mood.


And to end it all off with a classic photo shot.

It’s been a blast to have us down documenting your day Koh and Ting yin. Your dedication and love for each other despite everything that’s in your path really thought us something which is to always cherish whatever we have. You guys rock and we salute for it!

Lots of ♥,


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