So many photos, but haven’t had time to share them before!

This was taken last year!! During the lunar new year period and it was the opening of our first day at work. 开工大吉!As usual, every year we must have our favourite Yusheng to lou hei!!! I’ll be damn sad if my favourite yusheng is gone too. All my favourite food all disappeared one by one. Like my favourite ice chocolate from Au Chocolat at MBS closed down, my favourite fish maw soup at Cz’zar at Great World City also closed down. I cannot remember what other favourite also closed down liao. So sad until I lock the memories up in some deep dark corner of my brain.


Anyway I don’t eat the raw fish, and I hate carrot. But this yusheng is gooooood, cos the carrot got no yucky carrot smell/taste. I can eat one whole box for a meal all by myself! Everything is handmade, sun-dried, even the orange peel! The Pok Chui is crispy, fragrant and not oily, even the sauces are all damn delicious too don’t know why. The vegetables are all very very crunchy, add in the lemon-lime juice, waaaaahh, refreshing!!!

Ok this was one of the craving I had about a month back. No way to buy it since it’s not the CNY period. Raymond actually called the aunite to ask if she can make for us or not, if it’s more costly than what she’s selling during CNY period also nevermind, but unfortunately auntie says cannot because don’t have the required ingredients. SIGH!!!!

Woes of a pregnant woman. -_-”


Crazy over M’s Yusheng,

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