We just received news from UK that Raymond has achieved 16 Merits in the Master Photography Awards 2010 organised by the Master Photographers Association!!! Merit is awarded to prints with an average score of at least 80 points and all merits will qualify for a second round of judging for the grand finals, which I think the results will be announced on 17 October 2010 during the dinner presentation at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham. Awards presented at the dinner for the grand final would include the individual category winners, award of excellence, and the most prestigious one being the Oscars.
The 16 Merits will be exhibited on the Wall of Fame alongside other works from Merit Winners all over the world. Unfortunately Raymond is unable to attend the dinner in UK, but we’ll keep you guys updated if there’s any news update with regards to the second round of judging!! 🙂
RPP MPA Awards

Honestly we have a lot of people to thank for this achievement which came a little unexpected. The results was overwhelming for us because we expected like maybe 1 or the most 2 merits. Initially when our fellow peers started sharing with us on their achievement, we were losing hope as the days pass cos we did not receive any email from UK. And when we finally receive news, there were two emails! One with a congratulatory letter of achieving 2 merits, the other with 16 merits. That got us really confused, and we thought the 2 must be for us, and the 16 for someone else… maybe the member after us or something. Therefore we wrote in to the MPA, and finally received confirmation that Raymond has 16 Merits in his bag. 🙂

We have Ryan to thank for his criticism and guidance on Raymond’s work. Raymond really improved quite a lot after Ryan’s valuable pointers and feedback. Another group of people to thank would be our fellow peers in the wedding photography industry for the mutual support and encouragement.  Thank you guys for being so true to us with no strings attached and coming to us with no hidden agenda. We like you guys a lot, and thank you for being there when we needed someone to whine and complain to since it’s something you guys can relate better to. 🙂

Special thanks to William and his team for rushing out the prints for us at such a last minute notice. Apologies for the stress and pressure caused, but your prints are really awesome! 🙂

To Susu who have been a tremendous help to us, you know we love you! Muacks muacks! Without her, we would probably need 100 hours a day to work.  🙂
Lastly we would like to thank our beloved couples from the past, the present, and also the coming future – Thank you for believing in us, our work, and most importantly, thank you for believing in Raymond Phang Photography for bringing you the Moments that Matter. 🙂

Lots of ♥,


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