This is a personal blog entry, a break from work, but way way overdue! Tons and tons of backlogs to blog about, which I think by the time I’m done, it’ll be Year end 2013 already. Hahaha!

Remember earlier this year in March I shared an entry on Molton Brown as a useful and practical wedding favour? For those who haven’t read the entry can do so Here. In all honesty, it was my first time hearing about Molton Brown because I am like a frog buried in the deep well, or the turtle tucked away in the high mountain. So like all my first times, I like to google up about it, find out more and let my curiosity take over.

At that time I only had 2 bottles with me inside the cute little bag of wedding favour given by Derek and Chui Ling from their wedding at Fullerton Hotel. They are the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily moisture bath & shower and Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco De Mer body lotion. So I brought these two bottles with me to New Zealand, hoping to try them out in an environment with low humidity especially when I am so prone to dry cracking skin even in Singapore.

Well, I didn’t manage to finish them during the month long trip only because they were actually good and I can’t bear to finish them! So I came back to Singapore only to find myself googling up on places where I can purchase more. Raffles Hotel, Tangs and all, I went but was met with disappointment. I even had to ask my friend who was in London for a work trip to buy some back for me. Then I heard from Angie that Molton Brown retail stores are temporary closed in Singapore, but good news, they will be back soon with a brand new look! Cannot wait man!!! 😀

Seriously, you’ll have to try the products for yourself and you’ll fall in love. I’m sure it’ll be an awesome bath and moisture routine care for brides to be! Just like how one of our NZ couple described “Stout” – Once you go black, you’ll never go back. Same goes for Molton Brown! A bath and shower never felt so good, and you really ought to pamper yourself especially after a long day of stress. Also Molton Brown’s products offer ‘well being’ therapies to help restore your inner equilibrium and allow your mind, body and spirit to feel at peace. Can you feel it already just by reading this statement? Hahaha! I’m a sucker for all things to do with nature, flow of energy, peace and all, so this got me really hooked!

Also I love all the bottles and colours so much that I had to give Raymond an idea to help me snap some pictures of the products as our personal mini shoot collection! So one fine night he brought up his equipment, and I installed this app on the iPhone and iPad to do the hologram wordings. This shot was done in the darkness with long exposure for the Molton Brown hologram words which were flashed out from the iPhone. We had to redo this a couple of times to get the wordings nicely spaced out cos we had to move the iPhone manually by hand and speed control have to be good, else the words are either out of frame, or mushed up together. So here’s the final product;

Molten2Jul-20 Cropped-logo


As you can see, the re-charge black pepper bottle is not exactly full, that was because it’s the first bottle I tried! Hehehe. Okokie, enough about my ramblings, here are some of the products that I have (special thanks to Angie!!), some of which I’ve tried so far besides the Gingerlily and Coco De Mer;

Journey Unisex Stowaway 2012

♥ Vitalising AB+C Bath & Shower
This shower gel consist of all the wonderful essential Vitamins A, B and C for beautiful skin. It’s like drinking the corn + carrot + tomato soup which Raymond’s dad calls it the ABC soup, but with a dash of orange juice, just that you use them externally. Hahaha! Squeezed from fresh oranges, the Vitamin ABC tones, strengthens skin and provides deep cleaning. You’ll come out of the shower smelling like you just had an orange bath. Hehe. 🙂


♥ Relaxing Yuan Zhi Body Cream + Bath & Shower
I didn’t know what Yuan Zhi meant until I googled up the word. It’s actually a wild south china plant used traditionally to balance the flow of your energy. Makes me think of Qi Gong, which I am so keen to learn! Besides Yuan Zhi, it also contains other properties like mango oil, vanilla essential oil, ylang ylang and rose essential oil. Lethal combo to de-stress yourself and the perfect therapy to use before bed with the sleep inducing fragrance. It’s just like the all natural alternative to sleeping pill with a scent so soothing, unique and somewhat sensual.

♥ White Mulberry Soothing Hand Lotion + Fine Liquid Hand Wash
For people like me who have to slab on a lot of hand creams/lotions everytime after you wash your hands, this hand wash is perfect for you. Made from white mulberry tree root, pure essential oils of elemi, green tea and provencal mimosa, this combi of natural skin hydrator is even more gentle than soap! In a few months time I might just dump all my creams or use the MB ones only. Muwahahahaha!


♥ Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodywash
This is actually one of men’s favourite and more suitable for men with the richly spiced aroma creating the warm energy to boost blood circulation, but fresh for women too! But not for consumption okie! Hahahaha!

I am not a person who enjoys spicy food so I was skeptical about it at first. When I opened up the bottle and took a whiff, I wasn’t quite sure whether I’ll like it because it does smell a little spicy. But I had really good impression of Molton Brown’s product, so I decided to give it a gamble and this is the first bottle I tried out of the lot. Hahaha! And guess what, there’s a reason why they named it Re-Charge, because I felt really good and recharged after the shower!

The black pepper bodywash is made from a fusion of Madagascan black pepper (good antiseptic and useful for detox) and essential oils such as the egyptian basil, vetiver, coriander, bergamot and lemon etc. Another special and rare ingredient in the forumla to condition the skin is the andriboa oil extract which can only be found in the Amazon rainforest. And guess what, in some cultures, black pepper is believed to be an aphrodisiac. *coughs*



Women’s Traveller 2012

♥ Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Lotion + Bath & Shower
Personally I feel this is the feminine version of the Re-Charge Black Pepper. The Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod is beautiful and supposed to restore your energy bank with the spice! Start your morning shower with this to perk you up and I’m sure this will set you in the right mood to start a good day. It’s like the breakfast to your mornings and the Yuan Zhi / Black Pepper would be the pillow and bed to your nights. 🙂


♥ Instant Indian Cress Haircondition [not tried]
This lightweight conditioner is suitable for all normal hair, and mild enough for daily use! I’m quite a lazy person to use conditioner so I haven’t tried too many times of this, but this conditioner is said to help boost hydration, improve the look of your hair and help protect it from external aggressors. Hmm… I shall try to be more diligent then!


♥ Healthy Ziao Jao Hairwash [not tried]
Ziao Jao is quite a funny name and it’s the first time I heard it. Hahaha! Again, google is my best friend and I found out that it’s also known as chinese honey locust fruit. Hmm… Ignore the name, this is actually good for your hair cos it cleanse and soothe your scalp for a healthy look! Guess the Keratin property in the hair wash also plays an important role. 🙂


♥ Hydrate Desert Bloom Intense Hand + Foot Rescue [not tried]
This cream is said to minimize the appearance of age spots and callous, a good solution to people with cracked heels and toes like me! Made from ingredients such as South african desert plant extract, Myrrh extract, candletree leaf extract, moringa and shea butters, the creams are rich in antioxidants with highly mositurizing and skin conditioning properties to provide photo-aging protection, reduce moisture loss and also as well as minimise signs of aging as a result of UV damage. I will try this very soon once I finish my current batch of foot creams/balms! 🙂


That’s all for now, an uber lengthy post. Of course fragrances are very subjective and the effect varies from individual. Well, it works very well for me, and I hope it works the same for you too! 🙂


Lots of Love,


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