Cyber Romancing With A Photography Wedding Blog

Setting up a blog is not new, but if you’re just going to write anyway, why not write about your upcoming wedding and post beautiful photos on it as well? There is a very good reason for you to start a LINK:photography wedding blog:

Couples are finding it more appealing to start their wedding blog so they can share information about the preparation and even write about their innermost thoughts about this most important event in their lives.

There’s Photography Blog, Then There’s Photography Wedding Blog

The emphasis is on photography. This is not just an ordinary blog; this is a blog which you can set up with the photographer or studio whose services you have engaged to take your wedding photos professionally. The photos you show on your wedding blog are not just so-so; they showcase the very best of you.

You can include bridal or pre wedding photos, photos of the preparations made including the engagement ring bought and the engagement party itself, and of course, the actual day wedding photos as well. This will be a very nice memento to keep for you as a couple and for your families and friends to cherish and revisit as well, for as many times as they like.

Why Set Up A Photography Wedding Blog

Because it is free and easy to and makes sharing of memories so much fun and easy. One couple has chosen to post an entry into their blog announcing their wedding day instead of printing actual invitations. Not only does this come without any expense, it is also a unique way to do it. Besides, the post stays forever, unlike a physical invitation which can get crumpled or thrown away.

Keeping The Love Alive Through Your Photography Wedding Blog

Perhaps the biggest and most meaningful reward of having a photography wedding blog is that it is a medium that will stay forever. Sure, you can keep wedding pictures on a disc or an external drive but these can get corrupted. Whereas a blogging platform can stay there for as long as you do not violate posting rules by search engines or by the free blogging platform you choose.

The most important thing to remember is to post quality articles and quality photos on your blog. This way, it will serve as a beautiful memento for you as a couple, and a site your family and friends will never tire visiting.

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